Modern Pre - 339g

Modern Pre from USP is a sports supplement to the pre-workout that optimizes stamina achieving better results in training. USP has developed a formula that combines different ingredients of the highest quality, so you can do more repetitions with less muscle soreness in every session of physical activity.
Modern pre - 339g

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Modern Pre from USP contains citrulline and citicoline, which help the body to reduce muscle pain and increase the energy level in every session.

USP has designed Modern Pre after three clinical trials to prove its effectiveness. The formula of this product reduces muscle pain and contains citrulline malate and citicoline. Furthermore it is free of sugars and artificial flavorings. 

Modern Pre from USP is a new pre-workout supplement, which is developed with a full ingredient label, achieving increased energy, focus, pumping blood and stamina.

Citrulline malate acts to remove deposits of ammonia and lactic acid in skeletal muscle. It also improves the resistance and the generation of ATP, which allows the body to train longer and harder. Citrulline malate provides a higher bioavailability relative to L-arginine. It also increases the production of nitric oxide, resulting in increased blood flow.

Modern Pre from USP is designed with a 2:1 mixture of citrulline malate, which means that the consumption of a measuring cup achieves excellent pumping action.

It also contains beta alanine which along with histidine makes up CarnoSyn, which works by preventing the buildup of lactic acid, eliminating the feeling of burning muscle in extreme workouts. These effects lead to increase stamina and strength and reduce fatigue with greater energy release.

L-arginine is an amino acid which acts by increasing the blood flow and nitric oxide.

Modern Pre from USP also contains anhydrous creatine, which is creatine monohydrate, it provides highly pure creatine. This increases lean muscle mass and improves performance and power. Anhydrous betaine increases stamina, performance and the process of muscle protein's synthesis.

USP has included in this product different ingredients such as Carb10™, which is a quick action carbohydrate developed based on pea, which achieves better performance in cardiovascular activity and reduced muscle soreness after a work-out session.

Facts of Modern Pre from USP

  • Provides the body with energy, improving performance and power.
  • Increases the gain in lean mass.

Modern Pre from USP is a nutritional supplement that can be enjoyed in several flavors, and provides numerous benefits to the body. It facilitates muscle growth and increased stamina. 

Recommended use: USP recommends to ingest this product by mixing two scoops with 200 to 250 milliliters of water per tablespoon and consume half hour to an hour before endurance training. You should not exceed two tablespoons every 24 hours and five times in a period of 7 days.

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