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USP Labs were created in 2006 and are known to sell vitamin, protein and other supplements for sports. They have products intended for pre-training, amino acid supplements, protein supplements, creatine and many other options designed for athletes to have the necessary nutrients for proper bodybuilding and performance. In addition, it has expanded its offer to gadgets and sportswear.

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22% dtoModern BCAA+ - 535,5 g - USP Labs
Modern BCAA+ - 535,5 g - USP LabsUSP Labs
still using the heavy BCAA+ ancient with amino acids not micronized, L-glutamine ordinary and...
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OUTLETModern BCAA - 150 tablets
Modern BCAA - 150 tablets - OUTLETUSP Labs
Are you still using dated, bulky BCAAs with non-micronized amino acids, ordinary L-glutamine and...
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Modern BCAA - 150 tablets
Modern BCAA - 150 tabletsUSP Labs
Are you still using dated, bulky BCAAs with non-micronized amino acids, ordinary L-glutamine and...
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Referring to USP Labs involves talking about a laboratory, founded in 2006, that has been characterized by entering strongly in the segment of sales of the sports segment. It has to be clarified that it has a wide range of products such as food supplements, clothing, sports accessories and articles that complement sports activities. In this way, this company stands out because it is not limited to being a simple manufacturer of products for consumption, but expands its offer to generate an integral help to athletes.

In the first instance, it happens that USP Labs stands out for its various nutritional supplements, which include nutrients for a better sports performance, while also providing the body for optimal bodybuilding. In fact, they are quite specific in the kind of offers they make. For example, they have products intended for pre-training, amino acid supplements, protein, creatine and others to provide more energy during physical activity.

One of the characteristics of this company is its continuous experimentation. Their elaborations are tried several times and they always try to launch to the market improvements of the same from time to time. The advantages of being a laboratory help them carry out this kind of work. They are especially recognized for their optimized formulas of nitric oxide, their dose supplements of easy amino acid absorption, their improved creatine to optimize the work of athletes, as well as other formulations based on relaxants, intake to minimize fatigue and muscle pain, or immediate physical recovery.

Looking to expand its offer, USP Labs offers other products, which are also related to sports. One of these concerns a kind of "integral packs", in which several supplements are included in order to achieve a specific training objective. Also, these include training garments and a program of consumption of the expended supplements. As is to be expected, the purchase of these kits implies certain discounts, since the products paid in this way are more economical than separately.

Finally, it should be noted that USP Labs has opted to leave the scheme of mere laboratory, creator of raw materials or vendor and distributor of food supplements. For that reason, it has begun to elaborate accessories such as shakers to prepare powdered drinks with proteins. Also, T-shirts, socks and caps. It is worth mentioning that this last one is a segment in growth, that will become in short time in articles with high demand offered by this company.