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Diet Fuel Ultralean - 1 kg

Diet Fuel Ultralean from USN is an enriched formula for making meal-replacement shakes, low in fat and high in protein and fiber that helps maintain a balanced diet and control weight. It contains chromium and garcinia cambogia, for a rapid reduction of body fat while maintaining muscle tissue.

    You will no longer depend on a main meal for having an excellent day. With Diet Fuel Ultralean from USN, you will get the necessary nutrients to feed your body and burn fat without having to exercise!

    Daily activities often prevent respecting the schedule and portions of meals, although we know how important it is for our body since this implies good health. Maintaining the correct mealtimes is essential for keeping the functioning of the metabolism in perfect condition. Diet Fuel Ultralean from USN is made to replace the exact dose of food, its rich formula contains the necessary nutrients that your body needs to keep you healthy.

    This delicious meal replacement guarantees a complete and nutritious meal for any time of day. It helps you achieve your goals for weight loss and maintenance of muscle mass, as it contains a special protein matrix that provides your body with the quality proteins it needs to support recovery and muscle growth. The incorporation of chromium facilitates the absorption of glucose (sugar) into the cells, so that it can be processed and converted into energy, helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels and participates in metabolism; garcinia cambogia helps burn fat, decreases appetite and intervenes significantly in weight loss.

    Diet Fuel Ultralean from USN has a high fiber content, which contributes to increase the feeling of satiety, promotes the health of the digestive system, regulates sugar levels to reduce cramping, its high content of vitamins and minerals helps maintain overall health.

    What are the features of Diet Fuel Ultralean from USN?

    • Can be used as a meal replacement or as a snack.
    • High in protein and low in fat.
    • Reduces cravings and increases the feeling of satiety.
    • A serving guarantees a complete and nutritious meal.
    • Involved in reducing body fat, preserves muscle tissue and helps lose weight.
    • Maintains normal cholesterol levels and boosts metabolism.
    • Easy to digest and high in fiber.

    What is in a shot of Diet Fuel Ultralean from USN?

    Diet Fuel Ultralean from USN is an enriched powder formula that provides the essential nutrients to replace a meal, with a good flavor and enhanced with digestive enzymes that improve protein digestion. It comes in 4 delicious flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, sweet banana of milk and coffee.

    Content per dose (55 g, strawberry flavor), these values ​​may vary according to flavor:

    • Contains 200 Kcal of energy value.
    • Provides 25 g of protein.
    • Has 17.5 g of carbohydrate, of which 5.4 g are sugars and 5.4 g of food fiber only.
    • Contributes 43 mg of cholesterol.
    • Contains 3 mg of zinc.
    • Has 0.3 mg of copper.
    • Has 31 µg of chromium, among other ingredients.

    Why should I take Diet Fuel Ultralean from USN?

    Diet Fuel Ultralean from USN provides the essential nutrients of a main meal. It was enriched with vitamins and minerals. It has a very good taste and is easy to digest, boosts the metabolism and promotes the reduction of body fat while maintaining muscle tissue, has a high fiber content to increase the feeling of satiety. A serving is suitable for keeping your body healthy, and get involved in weight loss.

    This delicious meal replacement is indicated for people who require extra protein and for those who need to replace a meal or use it as a snack.

    How to consume Diet Fuel Ultralean from USN?

    • Take 2 tablespoons (55 g).
    • Take dissolved in water.
    • Take from 1 to 3 times a day.
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