UNIVERSAL Torrent Zero The muscular anabolic activator and without added sugars! Torrent Zero presents a new standard of post-training nutrition.

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UNIVERSAL Torrent Zero
The muscular anabolic activator and without added sugars!

Torrent Zero presents a new standard of post-training nutrition. Often ignored, this part of the equation of the bodybuilding is the most important aspect in the search of a new development. The appropriate use of this time is vital to induce to the ?activation? of all the muscular mass. The formula of Torrent Zero has been designed to maximize the anabolic environment that exist after a hard training session, when the muscular protein synthesis can be potentially stimulated during hours. Simultaneously, the degree of degradation of proteins is also increased.

In the absence of consumption of critical macronutrients, the protein balance of an athlete becomes negative. And, if what is desired is to develop muscle, this is not good. Here it is where Torrent Zero conducts battle. This one works fast and efficiently providing to your muscles a powerful cascade of essential nutrients.

When Torrent Zero is consumed immediately after the training, the patented mixture of activators of the muscle mass take back the body quickly to an anabolic state of ?green light?, immediately repairing damaged muscular fibers while it provides a new development. In the first place and more important, Torrent Zero contains a protein of the highest efficiency. In addition, it is loaded with hydrolized whey protein, that is consisted of small whey peptides which are quickly are digested and absorbed. The hydrolized protein is the protein with the fastest and easiest digestion.

An ?anab?lica matrix? will put the muscular mass in a direct post-training recovery. When it is consumed immediately after an intense exercise this powerful formula is able to induce an anabolic process that directly sends the nutrients to the muscular cells.

Torrent is everything what your physicist always needed and you would have never imagined. There are no doubts, a so complete and effective formula could only be developed by Universal and given to you as Torrent Zero.

Directions: As dietary supplement, take 1 dose with your favorite drink 30 minutes before the training and another dose 30 minutes after the training.

Supplement Facts
Serving size: ~ 47.3 g. (3 scoops)

Average per dose

Calories106 kcal
Calories of the fat14 kcal
Total fat1.5 g
saturated fat1 g
Carbohydrates3 g
Sugar1 g
Protein20 g
Calcium110 mgs
Sodium80 mgs
Potassium 195 mgs
Torrent Zero? Proprietary Blend 19000 mgs
Anticatabolic complex
- L-Leucine
- Alpha Ketoglutarate Leucine
- Ethyl Ester Leucine
- N-Acethyl Leucine
8000 mgs
Volubolic Amino Blend
- Taurine
- Glutamine AKG
- L-Fenilalanine
- Malate Citrulline
7000 mgs
Creabolic Complex
- Creatine monohydrate
- Ethyl Ester Creatine
- Creatine magnesium chelate
- Tri-Methyl Wisteria.
3000 mgs
Insulinobolic Complex
- Wisteria
- Ribosoide Hipoxantine (inosin)
- Extract of Fenogreco, Cinnamon (flavonoide)
1000 mgs
Other ingredients: Partial hydrolyzed protein concentrate (containing di-, tri-, oligo-and polypeptides), malic acid, natural and artificial flavor, citric acid, lecithin (soy), phosphate dimagnesium, potassium phosphate, hydrochloric sodium, FD & C Yellow 5, FD & C Blue 1.

Reviews Torrent Zero - 710 g

  • 01/07/2013

grande prodotto... io lo alterno con lo storm e lo uso insieme all\'animal pump...

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