UNIVERSAL Beta ALA9 The formula of muscular charge! New Beta ALA9 of Universal Nutrition combines the beta alanine with 8 key nutrients, helping to form a powerful supplement.

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What do you take it for? Energy, stamina and fatigue is delayed
How is it taken? Capsule / s with a glass of water
Size per dose Three capsules
How many times? Twice a day
When should it be taken? Before and/or after training
Usos Performance increase

The formula of muscular charge!

New Beta ALA9 of Universal Nutrition combines the beta alanine with 8 key nutrients, helping to form a powerful supplement. The beta alanine is necessary to reach high levels of intramuscular L-carnosine.

The L-carnosina plays a very important role maintaining the appropriate muscular pH. In addition, the L-carnosine takes place and aids naturally to absorb the hydrogen positive ions that are released during the intense exercise. These hydrions cause the reduction of the level of muscular pH, causing that the muscle has a more acid pH. The result is an increase of the muscular fatigue and reduction of the force. And it is at this moment when Beta ALA9 conducts the battle. This one works maximizing the natural levels of L-canosine of muscles, attending the muscle to cushion the hydrogen positive ion overload that takes place in the intense training. Complemented with a mixture of specialized absorption and moderator, Beta ALA9 attends the muscle and it aids to make sure that it works in the optimal levels to heighten the load of the muscular cells while it fights the feared production of free radicals as well.

Directions: As dietary supplement, take 3 capsules twice a day. The days of training take one serving before beginning and another dose 4 hours later. Note: It is possible that a slight reddening of the skin with high doses takes place. These effects are innocuous and disappear when falling the doses.

Supplement Facts
Serving size 3 capsules

Niancine50 mgs
Beta Alanine2000 mgs
Beta ALA9 (patented formula)200 mgs
- Cisteine N-Acetil
- Magnesium Phosphate
- Sodium Phosphate
- Citrulline malate
- L-Histidine
- K-R-Alpha Lipoic Acid
- Glucuronolactones.
Other ingredients: Gelatin, magnesium stearate, stearic acid.

Reviews Beta Ala9 - 210 capsules

  • 02/03/2016

Acabo de empezar a tomarlo pero parece que funciona

    • 01/25/2016

    Buen producto excelente en recuperación y un punto mas.

      • 01/07/2016

      La mejor beta alanina que he probado.La marca Universal nunca me ha decepcionado.

        • 03/03/2015

        muy bueno en todo tapona el ácido láctico muy bien con solo 2g,con 3 ya es sentirte invencible.recomendado si o si.

          • 02/08/2013

          este producto es impresionante fuerza increíble, recomiendo este producto combinado con un preworkout.

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