Ultra Amino - 500 capsules

Ultra SCITEC NUTRITION Amino is a unique combination of amino acids of serum hydrolysates and ultra filtered.

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What do you take it for? Effect: repair and build
How is it taken? Capsule / s with a glass of water
Size per dose Two capsules
How many times? Three times a day
When should it be taken? On an empty stomach before and after training
Usos Gain muscle mass

Ultra Scitec Nutrition Amino

Ultra SCITEC NUTRITION Amino is a unique combination of amino acids of serum hydrolysates and ultra filtered. The whey protein re­ci­e­n­temente has become the Queen of all the amino proteins. The serum is more assimilated and contains a better amino acid profile of the considered unclear egg.

Ultra Amino has an extraordinarily high 25.6% concentration of BCAA, whose content is important for bodybuilders and athletes because the BCAAS are integral parts of the muscle metabolism and are the first amines slaughtered during the muscle catabolism.

Due to the excellent assimilation and Ultra Amino amino acid profile, it has a very high biological value and is one of the unique amino acids of serum containing close to 50% of anabolic amino acids (BCAAS, arginine, glutamine, thyroxine) the system tested in 3 stages of SCITEC NUTRITION makes Ultra amino one of the best available amino acid supplements.


Directions: take 1 to 3 doses (1 dose = 2 capsules) between meals, just after training or before going to bed. You should eat constantly during the day to keep positive nitrogen balance.


Supplement Facts
Serving size: 2 capsules per serving
Aspartic L-acido
Glutamic L-acido
L-Isoleucine ** †
L-Leucine ** †
L-lysine **
L-methionine **
L-phenylalanine **
L-threonine **
L-Tripofano **
L-Valine ** †
57 mg
33 mg
134 mg
32 mg
199 mg
25 mg
21 mg
60 mg
155 mg
111 mg
27 mg
42 mg
56 mg
55 mg
60 mg
25 mg
43 mg
65 mg
Ingredients: gelatin (capsules), sodium caseinate.

** Essential amino acids: 545 mg
† BCAAS: 280 mg

Reviews Ultra Amino - 500 capsules

  • 03/08/2016

Efectivo aminoácidos para quien no suele tomar batidos
Son baratos y muy eficaces
Todo ello acompañado de una buena dieta se nota resultado

  • 12/23/2014

Sin duda unos aminoacidos de buena calidad y buen precio

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