Dehydrated turkey from Indiana Jerky is a delicious snack that is highly nutritious and made dry to maintain all the properties and make your intake much healthier. A serving of 25 g provides energy, protein, vitamins and minerals for a healthy diet and a good maintenance of the musculature.

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    Dehydrated turkey from Indiana Jerky: delicious low fat appetizer with high protein content.

    Dehydrated turkey from Indiana Jerky is a highly nutritious appetizer and made with the best turkey meat on the market, ideal for a proper diet and strict training plans.

    Eating a recommended serving provides energy, helps control weight and promotes proper maintenance of the muscles thanks to its high protein source. Dehydrated Turkey from Indiana Jerky is meat dried and prepared according to the ancient recipes of the Indians, since many years ago as there were no apparatus to refrigerate the products it was customary to leave the food in the sun to preserve them for much longer and without losing its nutritional value.

    In this case, the Dehydrated Turkey, contained in a bag easily open for a comfortable intake, has a high nutritional value that favors a correct diet. First, because it is meat free of fats and rich in proteins (incorporates to the feed approximately 57 g per 100 g of turkey), conserving all the properties of this delicious food for sportsmen or amateurs.

    Usually, turkey meat is the preferred choice for nutritionists since it has far fewer calories and fats for good physical maintenance. Now, we can not forget its high percentage of vitamins and minerals, which include iron, zinc, selenium, among others that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Even some experts argue that it is much more convenient to eat turkey meat since it helps to increase satiety, unlike other meats difficult to digest. Dehydrated turkey from Indiana Jerky is a light meal to eat at any time of the day without losing the line of diet or impairing the quality of workouts, and if its conservation or correct refreshment is the problem, there is no need to worry since Indiana Jerky brings us the best turkey meat with oxygen absorbent to retain its flavor, aroma and quality for much longer.

    Facts of Dehydrated turkey from Indiana Jerky

    • Provides 57 g of protein per 100 g of dehydrated turkey
    • Low in fat and calories
    • Increases energy
    • Promotes proper maintenance of the muscles
    • Retains all the nutritional value of the best turkey meat
    • Helps feel satiety for much more time
    • Light lunch to eat at any time
    • Contributes to a healthy lifestyle

    Taking a healthy and balanced diet has become almost impossible given the great variety of processed products that impair the proper functioning of the body and the quality of workouts. However, Dehydrated Turkey from Indiana Jerky is the perfect solution to eat a highly nutritious and totally healthy snack.

    Recommended Use: eat a serving of 25 g a day and at any time for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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