Wafels Bio from Ting Sin is a food made from rice flour and lupine, so they do not contain any trace of gluten, which makes it a gluten-free food, in addition to its ingredients come from organic farming, being also free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and other artificial additives.

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    Wafels Bio from Ting Sin contains a great amount of fiber which facilitates digestion and regulates the intestinal transit.

    Celiac, allergic and gluten intolerant people have to consume foods that do not contain this protein, very present in all our foods that we consume daily, either because they are made of wheat flour or contain gluten due to cross contamination, since it is very common that they use the same machinery to process foods that do not contain gluten with those do.

    For this reason, Wafels Bio from Ting Sin has been created, delicious cookies suitable for the gluten-intolerant public, for those who do not consume gluten in their diet or for those who simply want to consume a delicious wafel without a feeling of guilt. Being made of rice flour and lupine, the first known for its qualities to regulate cholesterol in the bloodstream and improve intestinal transit, due to its high fiber content and essential oils. The second part provides proteins of the legumes, so it is a good source of legumes, and has a low content of phytates, allowing the body to assimilate more efficiently some minerals such as zinc or calcium. It has been popularly used to thicken soups, creams and enriched breads with proteins and high quality fibers. Wafels Bio from Ting Sin has been developed using only organic products, which ensures that all ingredients used are free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), preservatives, colorings or which may damage nutrients and create a product of poor quality. Wafels Bio from Ting Sin is sweetened with cane sugar, which by containing fiber, does not abruptly increase the glycemic index as occurs with refined sugar.

    Facts of Wafels Bio from Ting Sin

    • Made of the highest quality ingredients.
    • Ingredients from organic farming.
    • Free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
    • Contains no artificial colorings, additives or preservatives.
    • Made of rice flour and lupines.
    • Sweetened with cane sugar.
    • Totally gluten free.
    • Suitable for celiac and those who are gluten intolerant.
    • Certified by the European Union.
    • Attractive and practical pack.

    Wafels Bio from Ting Sin is an ideal product for those who wish to consume a gluten-free food and with a delicious taste and texture, using sugar, rice flour and lupine flour ensures a large amount of fiber, plus use only organic ingredients, so that its impact will be minimal.

    Recommended Use: open and enjoy with dressings or on its own, as you wish.

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