Virus Pump Formula - 120 caps

Virus Pump Formula, designed by TF7 Labs, it acts as an incredible pump in each training session, achieving powerful repetitions, which bring all the muscles to a new level of growth. It is a nutritional product that causes supervascularity in each muscle, improving endurance and performance.

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Virus Pump Formula from TF7 Labs achieves the optimal focus of muscle strength and power.

Virus Pump Formula from TF7 Labs contains in its formulation anhydrous betaine and arginine that also reinforces the functioning of the immune system.

This new nutritional supplement is of great importance for athletes and sportsmen who truly want to work on the growth of the muscles of the body. It acts by increasing the function of the vascular system, achieving a supervascularity that benefits the development of muscle tissue. Due to the formula it contains it achieves an effective pumping of blood during the training period.

The pump formula of the Virus Pump Formula from TF7 Labs is applied for highly potent training. It is a direct, effective formula, designed with superior ingredients that specifically achieve supervascularity and powerful pumping that tear muscle. It is a product that adds power to today's training and achieves explosive results in every muscle.

The formulation of this nutritional supplement is designed from L-Arginine and Anhydrous Betaine. Anhydrous betaine is a vitamin that is very versatile and that the body uses for numerous physiological effects. The main function of betaine in the body is to reduce the levels of homocysteine, which is a toxic substance that comes as a result of the digestion of meat. Decreasing and controlling homocysteine levels means reducing the risks associated with this substance. Betaine is essential in the maintenance of intestinal function and for the production of cells, involved in the protection of DNA and the formation of DNA. Anhydrous betaine is lipotropic, meaning it causes a decrease in fat, due to the promotion of oxidation of lipids. It also increases appetite, and promotes lean mass.

Arginine is an amino acid that is generated in the body and is a metabolic precursor of nitric oxide. Involved in different functions of the endocrine glands, it also acts in the prevention of heart disease, senile dementia, problems of erection or erectile dysfunction and female infertility.

Supplements with arginine are very useful for bodybuilders, because they improve athletic performance. They also counteract catabolic conditions, accelerate wound healing, and decrease recovery time in patients after surgery.

Facts of Virus Pump Formula from TF7 Labs

  • Powerful pumps that tear muscles.
  • Improves endurance.
  • Achieve maximum performance.
  • Focuses on the power and strength of muscles.

Virus Pump Formula from TF7 Labs optimizes the functions of your body, achieving a mega vascularity that will make your muscles tear the sweatshirt.

Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, it is recommended to take 6 capsules before starting the training.

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