Toxin plus - 120 caps

Toxin Plus from TF7 Labs is a nutritional supplement that will give you all the strength and energy you need during the day, so that you can cover all your sports expectations, either in short days of sports or in arduous and prolonged competitions, filling nutrients and strengthening your muscles of natural form.

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Toxin Plus from  TF7 labs is a stimulant like no other, with an extra component to achieve better potential, and energy that lasts much longer, thanks to Mixologist TF7 experts.

Toxin Plus from TF7 labs stimulates the body to increase testosterone levels, helping to develop and grow the muscle with a greater gain of strength, while at the same time keeping estrogen under control. In addition, testosterone leads to increased recovery and increased libido.

Toxin Plus from TF7 labs is a specially developed product with a selective amount of components that combine to achieve a final result in the body with an explosion of strength, energy and muscle mass. To achieve the right balance the body needs, and recover from a hard workout. Thanks to the nutrients it provides, it facilitates muscle recovery and repair. Toxin Plus from TF7 labs is an effective product dedicated to the most demanding, elite athletes such as bodybuilders, weight and fitness trainers, looking for a quality supplement, in which increasing strength, endurance and speed recovery in the exercise routine play a very important role. And who want to boost the muscle mass gain in order to achieve their goals in a more efficient and in a very short time.

Toxin Plus from TF7 labs provides a powerful herbal extract that helps the production of testosterone, as well as helps reduce estrogen levels in the blood, greatly improving the results. With an advanced formula, made from Bulbine, a herb native to South Africa also known as Ibhucu, Rooiwortel and Ingcelwane, characterized by its aphrodisiac qualities as well as anti-diabetic properties. Numerous scientific studies have shown that its effects are very potent. Research suggests that the extract of Bulbine natalensis can outperform the erectile leader of the pharmacological industry, and also has no associated health problems.

Facts of Toxin Plus from TF7 Labs

  • A very safe and reliable product
  • Increases strength for an intense workout routine
  • Helps a faster recovery of the body after training
  • Hardens muscles
  • Increases libido
  • Provides nutrients for increased endurance

Toxin Plus from TF7 labs achieves in men the power for a full sex life. It can be used to treat problems with libido, premature ejaculation and fertility rates. Thanks to its properties, it allows to develop physical activities and intense trainings uninterrupted, achieving a great effectiveness and therefore to obtain the body that you dreamed so much to have.

Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement, take four (4) capsules of Toxin Plus from TF7 labs upon waking and four (4) capsules before workout during the day.

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