Shaker from TF7 Labs is a practical container, and at the same time a new accessory that will allow you to prepare exquisite drinks with a totally homogeneous appearance, as it has an internal mixer with anti-lump technology. It has an airtight lid with anti-spill technology, to avoid accidents when taking your drinks.

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    Shaker - 700ml se suele comprar con

    Shaker from TF7 Labs. Take your drinks wherever you go, prepare them quickly and practically, without spilling a drop.

    Shaker from TF7 Labs is your best choice when choosing a mixing glass, as its beautiful design and light material will allow you to feel the comfort that only TF7 can give you when preparing your drinks or meringues, in the simplest way you could have imagine.

    Shaker from TF7 Labs is a great tool that you can use to instantly prepare all your drinks or protein shakes. Get as a result a lump-free drink with a totally homogeneous appearance, since this wonderful product has a high-tech internal mixer, specially designed to prevent those annoying lumps that do not let you enjoy your drinks.

    Shaker from TF7 Labs is manufactured in a strong plastic with the guarantee of the prestigious brand TF7 Labs, which makes it a durable product, avoiding to change the flavor of the liquid contained in it. It is available in a dark color to prevent environmental factors such as sun and heat from damaging your drinks. It has a lid with airtight seal and a small dispenser so you can comfortably serve your shakes, avoiding accidents and spillage. It also has a novel design, with the brand logo printed on its front, to give it a stylish and high quality look.

    Facts of Shaker from TF7 Labs

    • It is a practical accessory.
    • Product manufactured with an excellent and strong plastic.
    • It has an internal mixer with anti-lump technology to get an homogeneous drink.
    • It has a dispenser to serve your drinks in an easy and comfortable.
    • It does not change the taste of your drinks.
    • Ideal for preparing smoothies, juices, meringues anywhere.
    • It can also be used as a container to carry all your ready-made drinks.
    • In just a few seconds you get a final drink.

    Shaker from TF7 Labs is the accessory you were looking for. Prepare all the energy drinks, shakes, protein meringues and more, with this product that TF7 Labs has brought for you, that you as an athlete who needs to prepare drinks wherever you go. Always enjoy the exquisite taste of your drinks, since the material of manufacture of this product does not alter its flavor. Get a completely homogenous, lump-free drink in just a few seconds.

    Recommended use: as a sports accessory to prepare your drinks, energy shakes, protein meringues, juices and more. Just pour the contents of your drink into the liquid you need, shake, and that's it!

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