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White Leather Gloves - Tegor Sport

White Leather Gloves from Tegor Sport are ideal for practicing any type of sport or doing some exercise routines in the gym, giving you excellent comfort thanks to its fingerless design, so you have a more natural grip and safety in your exercise routine. It is available in different sizes, for any person.

    White Leather Gloves from Tegor Sport: your challenge, our challenge.

    People who are constantly training, including cyclists and those who lift weights in the gym, have had to suffer annoying and painful blisters, chafing, calluses or wounds, which can get so worse they usually are prevented from doing their routines comfortably and with appropriate intensity. But, by wearing White Leather Gloves from Tegor Sport, those problems will be left behind forever and enjoy a firm and comfortable grip during training. They adapt perfectly to your training needs, making everything easier.

    The magnificent White Leather Gloves from Tegor Sport is a pair of quality gloves that will improve your physical activities with its many benefits; for example, they will protect you from rubbing against weights, bars and machines, thus avoiding skin lesions (blisters, calluses, etc.), and in the case you already are affected by any of them, by wearing these gloves, they effect will get noticeably reduced, since your hands will be protected at all times. In addition, this product absorbs the sweat of the hands, so your grip will remain firm throughout the training session, that way, neither weights or bars will slip, and thus accidents will be kept at bay.

    White Leather Gloves from Tegor Sport has a classic design that only covers half of your fingers. They are easy to put on and take off. They feature a velcro closure that you can adjust to your liking at the top of the wrists, therefore, the joints in this area will perfectly protected. This product is available in four different sizes, namely, small (S), medium (M), large (L), extra-large (XL). They are unisex, so both men and women can wear a pair. The materials chosen to make this product are known for the great comfort they provide, which you will notice when you put your hands in. They are soft, and quite thin, which makes them very lightweight, to such an extent that you may get to think of them as a second skin. it will be easy to open and close your hands without feeling any discomfort.

    Facts of White Leather Gloves from Tegor Sport:

    • High-quality.
    • Leather material.
    • Promotes a good grip.
    • Soft and lightweight.
    • Perfect to the protection of the hands.
    • Durability.
    • Unisex.
    • In blue and white colors.
    • Velcro closure.

    White Leather Gloves from Tegor Sport is what you need if you are an active person in the gym, you like to ride a bike, or practice activities in which your hands need a good grip and protection. In short, they will be the best pair of gloves you can wear during the performance of exercise routines, both inside and outside the gym. To top it all off, they are totally hygienic, and as you will get in touch with the sweat of other people, you will be protected from the contagion of warts on your hands.

    Recommended use: you can wear them every time you do a training session. Adjust it the way you like.

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