The protein of high biological value, Whey Star from Tegor Sport, is a product made of whey extracted from milk of the best quality, which is obtained by means of microfiltration. This supplement can be consumed by anyone, especially for those sportsmen who want to increase their strength.

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If you want a high-quality protein supplement to keep your muscles big, healthy and strong, then what are you waiting for? Buy Whey Star from Tegor Sport as soon as possible!

The supplement Whey Star from Tegor Sport is a highly nutritious product that contains proteins of high biological value, which are extracted from whey through the process of microfiltration.

Because its concentrate is in powder form, Whey Star from Tegor Sport has low levels of fat, what allows us to use it also as a food supplement to go on diets low in colories; as it helps to lose weight in a healthy, nutritious and delicious way, and thus having always our ideal weight. Whey Star from Tegor Sport also contains a lot of amino acids that we need and is absorbed quickly and without problems by our body.

Our organism needs a series of amino acids to produce the myriad of proteins we need to keep its good operation, but it does not produce them in the necessary quantities to carry out all its functions in proper way, therefore, Whey Star from Tegor Sport was created, a supplement that helps to receive all the proteins that we need but our body cannot produce in enough quantities by itself. This supplement helps you have a better performance at any sports activity we want to practice.

Whey Star from Tegor Sport combined with the practice of physical exercise, helps boost our strength and build strong muscles to obtain as a result a beautiful, athletic physique. Due to the components that make it up, this supplement allows us to balance the blood pressure and blood sugar in our body.

Facts of Whey Star from Tegor Sport

  • Its formula contains low levels of fat.
  • It contains several proteins, carbohydrates and lipids.
  • It is quickly digested.
  • It contains a huge amount of amino acids.
  • It helps boost power and muscle size.

The dietary supplement Whey Star from Tegor Sport is used by all those who practice sports activities and require a supplement of good quality that provide them with the proteins the human body does not produce in the quantities it requires or does not produce it on its own. This supplement allows us to get best results when it comes to the practice of exercises and make boost our power and a very muscular body. This product comes packed in a container with a lid that is easy to open and keeps its content in excellent condition.

Recommended use: Whey Star from Tegor Sport should be dissolve in water before being consumed. This supplement can be taken before, during or after practicing an exercise routine. It is recommended 30 g per serving.

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