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Blue/Black T-shirt - Tegor Sport

Blue/Black T-shirt from Tegor Sport is a very comfortable and fresh garment. It was created and designed especially for men who need an outfit that allows them to perform all the movements involved in any exercise routine, but without stretching or lose its original shape.

    Wear an original and comfortable outfit when going to the gym, put on your Blue/Black T-shirt from Tegor Sport. Maximum comfort!

    This shirt is the most suitable garment to wear in the gym or when practicing sports activities. It is made of fabrics that do not obstruct the flow of air, that is, breathable and very fresh, for example, cotton, which in combination with other fabrics form the perfect structure to give men comfort.

    On the other hand, Blue/Black T-shirt from Tegor Sport is available in the different sizes, from the S (small) to the 2XL (extra extra large), therefore, you will have opportunity to choose the right one for your type or body size. It also has a fabulous design of short sleeves in black and stripes of the same color on the sides, which contrasts with the vibrant blue, also brings out the logo of the brand, which together draws a lot attention and makes easy for you to steal the spotlight.

    Blue/Black T-shirt from Tegor Sport was created particularly to be worn as part of gym outfits. Among the various benefits of this garment can be mentioned that, it is very easy to maintain and take care of, that is, it does not lose its shape when washed, does not stretch and does not shrink, therefore it will always keep its original shape, likewise, its colors will remain intact. Moreover, when putting on this shirt, the upper part, where the neck is located, will not be affected, because the materials used for its manufacture are of very high quality and very resistant to the different conditions that may occur.

    This wonderful garment is ideal for men who want to not only feel comfortable while exercising, which is undoubtedly necessary, but also show a unique style and that when leaving the training site and you go somewhere else, it remains a shirt that looks good. In addition, Blue/Black T-shirt from Tegor Sport fits subtly the body of every man and by being available in different sizes, you can choose the one you need. In other words, it will set you apart from the rest.

    Facts of Blue/Black T-shirt from Tegor Sport

    • Made of breathable fabrics.
    • Available in blue/black color.
    • Tegor Sport logo printed on the front.
    • Does not stretch.
    • Does not need special maintenance.
    • Available in all sizes.

    Look different from the rest of men in the gym by wear a Blue/Black T-shirt from Tegor Sport, which will make you look and feel excellent; and above all, you will not have to worry about tearing it, because its seams have an exceptional finish, which provides safety and you will not have to worry about the sudden movements that exercise routines may generate.

    Recommended use: As a garment, put it on as usual.

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