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Trimatrix Sac from Tegor Sport is the perfect supplement for the nutrition of athletes who need to gain and maintain their muscles mass effectively. It is composed of three proteins of the highest quality: Microfiltered Whey, Microfiltered Calcium Caseinate and Ovalbumin, which ensure the feeding of your muscles for a long time and thus preventing catabolism.

    Trimatrix Sac from Tegor Sport. The ideal triple protein supplement for your muscles.

    Tegor Sport thinking about people just like you who care for and nourish their muscles has developed the very complete food supplement called Trimatrix. It is a combination of three proteins of the highest quality and effectiveness, such as microfiltered whey protein, microfiltered calcium caseinate and ovalbumin.

    To make your nutrition even more complete, Tegor Sport has formulated the most powerful protein supplement in the market, combining three very effective proteins that will nourish your muscles from the cells to keep them large, strong and well defined. This is Trimatrix, which is already in the market to provide you with the best ingredients to improve your training and your muscle mass. The proteins that make up Trimatrix Sac from Tegor Sport are Microfiltered Whey (Microfiltered Whey Protein), Ovalbumin (Egg Protein), and Microfiltered Calcium Caseinate (known as MCC). These are the three protein matrices that give the name to this unbeatable product. This protein binding provides your body with the ideal amount of slow-charged amino acids, which will nourish your body continuously, for a long time and much more effectively.

    The microfiltered whey protein contained in Trimatrix has been obtained through the latest generation ProQISysTM process, which stands for Protein Quality Improvement System by Cross-flow Microfiltration, which ensures a decrease in the absorption times of the protein at the microcellular level in your muscles. While Ovalbumin, which is one of the main proteins that makes up the egg white, and has historically been proven as an ideal source of protein to grow muscles. Last but not least, we have the Microfiltered Calcium Caseinate (MCC), a protein obtained from milk that prevents the breakdown of proteins in your muscles.

    For every 100 g that you consume of Trimax of Tegor Sport you will be ingesting proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. All this is perfect for people who want to maintain a training regimen that allows muscles to grow, the amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and fats are ideal.

    Facts of Trimatrix Sac from Tegor Sport:

    • Made up of Microfiltered Whey, Calcium Caseinate and Ovalbumin.
    • Nourishes the muscles for a long time.
    • Prevents muscle catabolism.
    • Combines the 3 most powerful proteins.
    • Promote muscle mass gains.
    • Provides the right amount of carbohydrates and proteins for those who train hard.
    • Designed for athletes looking to boost their training capacity and muscle mass.

    If you want to grow your muscles with the best protein supplement in the market, Trimatrix Sac from Tegor Sport is ideal for you and your body during your workouts.

    Recommended use: dilute 30g in water or skimmed milk.

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