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Top Diet Protein - 775 g

Top Diet Protein from Tegor Sport is an extraordinary nutritional supplement specially designed to supplement the nutrition of athletes and sportsmen in order to contribute to optimal physical and muscle development, also helps to eliminate accumulated fat in the body and provides a fantastic input of amino acids that favor metabolic functions.

    Top Diet Protein from Tegor Sport, a perfect protein mix to supplement a balanced diet by allowing substitute some food of the day with it, thanks to its nutritional input, ideal for athletes.

    The extraordinary Top Diet Protein from Tegor Sport is a nutritional supplement capable of providing the amount of nutrients necessary to supplement the diet of athletes and sports fans, achieving the proper development of their physical condition and helping achieve better results during their physical preparation. This fantastic nutritional supplement is made up of 100% pure whey protein, enriched with great highly nutritious ingredients such as Glucomannan, L-cartinine and Sarsaparilla, so that its daily consumption is widely recommended because it influences effectively and positively the nutrition without producing any type of side effect in your body due to the excellent quality of the components that make up its wonderful formula.

    Top Diet Protein from Tegor Sport provides the fantastic fat burning benefits of L-cartinine, favoring the elimination of accumulated fat without affecting the muscle mass growth. For its part, the unbeatable highly nutritious formula of this great sports supplement generates an incredible sensation of satiety produced by Glucomannan, a dietary fiber of natural origin, ideal to supplement diets of athletes and sportsmen. This great product developed by TEGOR provides an extraordinary source of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients, supplied by the dose of Sarsaparilla present in its composition.

    The extraordinary input of proteins of great purity offered by the innovative nutritional formula of Top Diet Protein from Tegor Sport specializes in contributing to adequate muscle development thanks to the fact that it promotes muscle mass gains and helps them to reach the desired level of definition and toning of the muscles.

    Facts of Top Diet Protein from Tegor Sport

    • Made with 100% natural whey protein, glucomannan, L-cartinine and sarsaparilla.
    • Ideal to supplement the diet of athletes and sportsmen thanks to its high nutritional content.
    • Helps achieve the desired physical state.
    • Helps stimulate an adequate muscle development.
    • Offers an unparalleled fat burning action, ideal to reduce levels of accumulated fat in the body.
    • Provides an incredible sensation of satiety, perfect to combat the anxiety produced by diets.
    • Provides the body with amino acids.
    • Promotes weight loss.
    • Includes dispenser.

    Top Diet Protein from Tegor Sport is ideal for those looking to facilitate weight loss through specialized nutritional supplements thanks to its powerful and effective fat burning action. In addition, this fantastic sports supplement contains amino acids that help improve the body's metabolic functions.

    Recommended use: as a nutritional supplement, experts recommend adding 20 grams (two measures of the dispenser) of the formula of Top Diet Protein from Tegor Sport in water or soy-based drink and ingest one to three times a day.

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