Exercising or practicing some kind of sport is very important for you and your body, but equally important is doing everything possible to give our body everything it requires so that it can regain all the energies it has lost in the practice of the activity that you like to practice.

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Super Vitamin Plus from Tegor Sport is three excellent vitamin components into one.

Super Vitamin Plus from Tegor Sport is the product that you need the most, because if you are a person who is dedicated to the practice of any physical activity, this product will bring you very good benefits during and after your daily routine, since it will provide your body with the necessary nutrients to reactivate it properly and very quickly preventing your muscles from causing pain at the end of your favorite exercise or sport.

A very important point that we must mention is that this product can provide three components in each dose you take, which are the best when it comes to ingest vitamin E, C and B. So this is not going to be found in any vitamin complex of those that already exist in the market and at a lower price is almost impossible to do so, whenever we can we should give our body the best so that each day is much healthier.

The daily intake of this product will give you a very good protection against viruses in the environment that may affect you negatively, since many of those possible viruses can produce in people from a very simple flu to a very serious infection, but that will not happen with you or with people who have already tried this product. So make these three vitamins your companion on a daily basis before breakfast.

Facts of Super Vitamin Plus from Tegor Sport

  • You can give your body three types of vitamins very important for your body, such as vitamins: E, C and B.
  • It is a product of easy consumption.
  • This is the best way to help your immune system.

Thanks to this powerful vitamin supplement you will be able to supply the absence of vitamins that at this moment, very possibly your body lacks the same as the minerals. You will greatly favor the assimilation of proteins, which will help you to no longer feel that fatigue and heaviness in the body that affected you so much in the past, with the intake of this product you will have the necessary energy that your body requires so that you can carry out everything you propose for each day of your life.

Recommended use: it is recommended to shake this product before its application. It should be applied during breakfast by dissolving half a tablespoon in a glass of water. Keep out of the reach of children.

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