Muscle Relax from Tegor Sport is a complete oil, special to perform therapeutic massages in order to relieve pain. It contains rosemary oil, vitamins E and F, ylang ylang, sunflower, cypress, grape seed, juniper, olive, and lemon. These are ingredients that promote the relaxation of muscles, relieving pain and help repair any possible tissue damage.

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Muscle Relax from Tegor Sport to relieve pains and achieve muscle well-being.

Muscle Relax from Tegor Sport is an oil with concentrated ingredients that aim to optimize therapeutic massages in order to relieve pain and promote muscle well-being. It has natural oils of sunflower, rosemary, vitamin E and F, ylang ylang, grape seed, cypress, olive, juniper, and lemon. These ingredients help to cause relaxation of the muscles during massage, decontracting and favoring a feeling of well-being. Recommended for therapeutic massage of athletes or anyone who wants to relieve pain resulting from bad postures or discomfort caused by sprains. It also promotes anti-stress relaxation.

There are many situations that may require a therapeutic massage to relieve pain, which often are due to the practice of physical activity, through which the muscles make a deep effort. The application of a massage individually or through the action of a professional massager is usually part of a recovery process. It helps to overcome annoying pains and to improve its condition and operation. This is favored with the use of Muscle Relax from Tegor Sport, whose components enter through the skin to benefit this process. It is also a recommended product to relieve muscle discomfort in all types of people. It is an oil that gives excellent results to relieve neck aches, or discomforts that are the results of sprains.

The massage for these cases can be personal, or through a professional massager. Maintaining this kind of care is preventive care that could prevent the development of major damages in the future. But it is advisable that this be done after the exercise routine since the resulting relaxation may cause weakness and even sleep. It is a good measure to favor rest and make the recovery period a really refreshing process. This is what Muscle Relax from Tegor Sport can achieve with its natural ingredients. And in the case of being used to relieve postural pains or sprains independently, it is recommended to use it applying deep, but gentle massages, in a calm and relaxed environment.

Facts of Muscle Relax from Tegor Sport

  • olive
  • juniper
  • rosemary
  • ylang ylang
  • cypress
  • grapeseed
  • lemon
  • vitamins E and F
  • sunflower

Muscle Relax from Tegor Sport has active ingredients that promote muscle relaxation in order to relieve pain and discomfort. It is a product suitable to apply to athletes, after an exercise routine or to relieve the discomfort of all kinds of people. This oil supplies nutrients that enter the skin, sustaining tendons and muscle tissues so that sprains, strains and hard skin of different kinds are relieved. Applicable for therapeutic massages by a massage therapist or for personal care.

Recommended use: for therapeutic massages or self-massages.

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