Massage Therapy from Tegor Sport is ideal for helping you to prepare your muscles for a strong workout or to relieve any annoying pain that may feel in some muscles after being trained. It is formulated with natural components, such as arnica and meadowsweet which have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antispasmodic properties.

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Massage Therapy from Tegor Sport. Leave your body ready to train for more time and as you like.

Massage Therapy from Tegor Sport is specially formulated to help you prepare any muscle of your body for you to do what you like the most: train even better and safely. This soothing cream contains arnica (dried flowers of an herb used as liniment), known for its properties to relieve pain making the experience of the massage the best for recovering or preventing any muscular discomfort and make you feel willing to continue your routine.

Thinking in help you to prevent and recover your body increasingly better, before or after a training or exercise session that leave you exhausted, Tegor Sport has created for you the spectacular brand-new Massage Therapy. This massage cream allows you to relieve any part of your body in which you feel some discomfort or pain, because it is formulated with Arnica, a natural anti-inflammatory. The arnica contained in Massage Therapy from Tegor Sport also helps to a better blood flow, thus carrying oxygen to the muscles and feed them better and avoid bruises. Other active components of Massage Therapy from Tegor Sport are harpagofito (anti-inflammatory from natural origin), meadowsweet (natural anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anticoagulant and antispasmodic), vitamin E (antioxidant) and vitamin F (nourishes and hydrates the skin), which combined with arnica make this cream even more effective.

By using Massage Therapy from Tegor Sport before training, you will relax your muscles and at the same time they will protected from any injury, given the heat effect that it generates. It will help prepare your musculature for the coming exercise routine. If it is applied after training, it helps to revitalize the muscles. In case of pain, Massage Therapy from Tegor Sport helps to have a quick and effective recovery. This product is for you because you know your muscles not only need food and exercise, but they also need that you pamper them with Massage Therapy from Tegor Sport.

Facts of Massage Therapy from Tegor Sport:

  • The ingredients used to make this product are naturally beneficial.
  • Prepares your muscles before training and, if applied after, it helps them have a quick recovery.
  • In case of pain and injuries, it relieves the discomfort.
  • By generating a heat effect upon use, it helps prevent injuries and relax your muscles.

If you want your muscles prepared for training or help their recovery and to ease the discomfort that may appear after training, then you must use Massage Therapy from Tegor Sport.

Recommended use: massage the muscle you are going to train before the exercise session in order to relax them. If you feel muscle discomfort after training, then apply it to relieve them.

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