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L-Glutamine - 250 g

L-Glutamine from Tegor Sport is a supplement designed to give your body a proper sport nutrition. This product is ideal to promote muscle recovery, for the contribution of energy, to avoid the wear of muscle mass, among others. Recommended for sportsmen, athletes and people who want to have a better physical performance or take care of their muscle mass.

    L-Glutamine from Tegor Sport is a sports supplement that will allow your body have a better performance.

    This is a powerful sports supplement that has many benefits to offer. L-Glutamine from Tegor Sport is an ideal helper for muscle recovery, allows proper obtaining of energy and helps contribute to the protection of the joints.

    In addition, supplementation with this product will allow you to do more intense trainings and will help you avoid the loss of muscle mass during the practice of cardiovascular trainings or aerobics. This great product is perfect for providing your body with everything it needs to improve its potential during training or physical activities. L-Glutamine from Tegor Sport is an amazing sports supplement that you are going to love.

    This is a product that helps to improve the level of energy and to get a higher level of power, which will favor considerably your body, so you will get better results out of your intense training. Moreover, this is a supplement that gives the body what it needs to prevent the dreadful catabolism (feed from its tissues), if it happens our muscle mass losses will be noticeable, and that is something that we want to avoid. That is why, it is recommended to ingest the fantastic supplement L-Glutamine from Tegor Sport, which will provide you with what you to be able to meet all your sports goals.

    Glutamine is an amino acid that the organism synthesizes through certain foods, but many times that is not enough and is necessary to receive it through the consumption of a supplement. Notably, the lack of glutamine contributes to the loss of muscle mass, which is something that sportsmen or athletes try hard to prevent. That is why, L-Glutamine from Tegor Sport has been made, which is an amazing sports supplement that was very well made following a fantastic design that allow to promote and benefit your body in a wonderful way. It is a product ideal for sportsmen, athletes and people wanting to improve their physical performance or take care of the maintenance and development of their muscle mass.

    Facts of L-Glutamine from Tegor Sport

    • It is sports supplement.
    • it promotes the increase of energy.
    • It helps to have a correct muscle recovery.
    • It contributes to prevent muscle wear.
    • It allows a better power during training.
    • It is perfect to do intense trainings.
    • Ideal for sportsmen that want to prevent muscle wear.
    • Ideal for sportsmen, athletes and people who want better performance.

    This product brings a magnificent sports nutrition, exactly what you need to perform at maximum power during exercise practices or training. L-Glutamine from Tegor Sport is a powerful sports supplement offering amazing benefits that will give your body the support it needs and really deserves. A spectacular sports supplement!

    Recommended use: as a sports supplement, take 10 grams before physical activity and 10 grams after.

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