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ISO Whey XXL - 3 kg

Iso Whey XXL from Tegor Sport is a dietary supplement that has been mainly made of whey protein isolate. A high-quality product that allows a better physical performance, provides a complete profile of proteins and the amino acids needed and helps avoid fatigue. Perfect for sportsmen and athletes. A product easy to prepare.

    ISO Whey XXL from Tegor Sport is the supplement that allows you to give always everything in each training.

    This amazing product has the power to provide your diet with the necessary amino acids. Moreover, it is an incredible and important source of proteins. This supplement has been made mainly of whey protein isolate, which is a very pure form of that protein, allowing to obtain multiple and great benefits.

    Iso Whey XXL from Tegor Sport is the best product to have an excellent recovery after the daily training. It is perfect for enriching your diet, ideal for delaying fatigue and is of great help if you want to have greater physical performance. A powerful product that we highly recommend and urge you to buy, so you will be always ready to give the best of you.

    This dietary supplement has been made with a special ingredient, whey protein isolate, which has been obtained through the separation of components existing in whey. Certainly, this is a product of important biological value. Besides, it must be mentioned that it has a very low content of cholesterol, sodium and lactose. If you want to get more out of your training or if you need help for a faster muscle recovery, then this is a product that you must take advantage of. Iso Whey XXL from Tegor Sport is a high-quality product, which has been designed to nourish your body properly and allow you to get results you want so much.

    Iso Whey XXL from Tegor Sport is a very important supplement if you want to improve your endurance in training or if you want to be on a much more nutritious diet daily. Best of all, whey protein isolate can be absorbed very quickly and is very low in lactose, what makes this product suitable to take it after a hard training. Besides, it promotes the repair of muscle tissue. A product ideal for sportsmen who want to give more in training, for sportsmen who aim at being on healthy diet, for athletes and sportsmen suffering from muscle tears or physical wear.

    Facts of ISO Whey XXL from Tegor Sport

    • It is mainly made of whey protein isolate.
    • It has a very low content of lactose, sodium and cholesterol.
    • It is ideal to prevent the onset of fatigue.
    • Its use enriches any daily diet.
    • It promotes full recovery, especially after training.
    • It contributes important amino acids.
    • It provides complete proteins.
    • It is a high-quality product.
    • Ideal for sportsmen and athletes.
    • It is easy to prepare.

    Enjoy and take advantage of its wonderful formula and all the incredible benefits that Iso Whey XXL from Tegor Sport has to offer. Simply, you cannot miss this great dietary supplement that has been designed for you to get those results that you want so much. It is a unique product to get more out of what you do. You will love it!

    Recommended use: as a supplement, take between 20 and 60 g per shake, can be dissolved in water or milk. Drink 2 or 3 shakes a day. It is advisable to take a shake one hour before training and another afterwards.

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    Hola buenas, quería saber si me podéis facilitar la tabla de IN de este producto, gracias
    2020-01-08 21:47:10 Saúl
    Hola Saul! Te dejo aqui la información nutricional facilitada por la marca. https://www.tegorsport.es/proteina-iso-whey-xl-xxl/ Un saludo!
    2020-01-09 10:12:23 Joel
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