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Iso Whey XL - 2 kg

Iso Whey XL from Tegor Sport is a supplement and source of synthesized proteins of very high quality, recommended for all those who want to obtain a source of amino acids offering diversity and purity when it comes to muscle nutrition.

    Iso Whey XL from Tegor Sport: fat-free protein supplement.

    The technology used to develop this magnificent product makes it become one of the most variable and reliable sources of amino acids, as it brings a number of synthesized molecules in charge of creating muscle mass. This compound brings more than 10 essential amino acids that act directly on the growth of muscles. It is important to highlight that it is a product free of lactose, which makes it suitable for consumption by people with intolerance to it.

    Many professional bodybuilders widely value products with a high degree of purity in proteins because they offer an effective source of muscle feeding. Iso Whey XL from Tegor Sport is really a complete and reliable source of proteins as its degree of purity is 90% which is a proportion that exceeds user expectations. It is intended not only for bodybuilders, but also for competitors in different sports disciplines which require physical effort and muscle power, as it stimulates the health of the muscles during competition.

    Proper synthesis of this protein supplement makes it suitable for absorption by the body, which adds value to the product. The whey microfiltration techniques used give as result a highly digestible protein, which does not produce side effects, that also has a high level of tolerance for a large number of people. The contribution of essential amino acids of this mixture translates into successful muscle mass growth in a fast way according to the athlete's pace of work in a gym.

    Facts of Iso Whey XL from Tegor Sport

    • It is a source of protein ideal for muscle development.
    • It contributes more than 10 types of amino acids to an athlete's diet
    • The degree of purity of this protein supplement is considerably high.
    • The amount of carbohydrates in this compound is exceptionally low.
    • The whey microfiltration technique used makes its formula highly digestible.
    • It is free of lactose, which makes it tolerable to any consumer.
    • It dissolves easily in any drink you like.

    Iso Whey XL from Tegor Sport is the alternative ideal for regular consumption and to supplement an adequate diet for a sportsman who want to gain muscle mass as soon as possible, promoting not only the growth of muscle fibers, but also the length of them. Many athletes recommended its use due to the noticeable and proven results obtained in a very satisfying period of time. The combination of purity, variety of amino acids and excellent assimilation by the body gives a very high degree of confidence in contrast to other existing sources of proteins. Acquire Iso Whey XL from Tegor Sport and begin to enjoy its properties in regard to muscle development and health.

    Recommended use: for a better absorption of protein enzymes, it is advisable to ingest the product just after finishing the practice of physical exercises in servings of 40 grams dissolved in a natural drink of your preference. If your nutritional needs are not as high as the demand of the exercises practiced, then you can decrease the dose to 20 grams.

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