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Hydroxiter Fat Fighter - 150 cap

Hydroxiter Fat Figther from Tegor Sport is the ideal supplement for athletes and people with a lot of physical activity who want a sculptural body with well sculpted muscles, since it helps to reduce the fat difficult to burn with the "multizonal attack" without affecting the amount of muscle mass of your body, and you can exercise without worrying because it also controls your appetite.

    Hydroxiter Fat Figther from Tegor Sport makes you lose fat and maintains your muscle mass.

    Hydroxiter Fat Figther from Tegor Sport is the perfect supplement to quickly reduce accumulated body fat, and without affecting the amount of muscle mass in your body. It is even recommended for those people who have already lost some fat but still have some unwanted level of fat in their body. In addition to all this, Hydroxiter helps you control the appetite so that the results are much better.

    Thinking of people like you who want to have the best body possible and very healthy or athletes with a very strict regime to stay in shape, Tegor has created a wonderful nutritional supplement that allows you to keep the Body Fat Index (BFI) at bay, because it helps you burn your body fat quickly without decreasing muscle mass. Hydroxiter Fat Figther from Tegor Sport is well known as a "next-generation fat burner" because it allows you to achieve a significant loss of fat due to the so-called "multizonal attack" that only provides this great supplement.

    And if your body mass index (BFI) is low but it has been difficult to remove fat from some areas, Hydroxiter Fat Figther from Tegor Sport is the ideal supplement for you, because it will help you get rid of that small percentage of unwanted fat that you have. Hydroxiter Fat Figther Tegor has combined the best and most powerful ingredients to guarantee an unsurpassed effectiveness. For every 100 grams this product contains: L-carnitine 1,500 mg, guarana 1,500 mg, inositol 1,200 mg, choline 600 mg, L-methionine, 600 mg, garcinia cambogia (HCA) 500 mg, chitosan 200 mg, smilax medica (sarsaparilla) 1,000 mg, chromium picolanite 1 mg.

    The combination of ingredients of Hydroxiter Fat Figther from Tegor Sport guarantees the loss of unwanted fat without affecting the muscle mass that is so hard to gain. In addition this supplement helps you control the appetite sensation, which allows you to keep your weight regulated.

    Facts of Hydroxiter Fat Figther from Tegor Sport:

    • Removes accumulated fat quickly.
    • Maintains the muscle mass of your body.
    • Helps to significantly improve the BFI.
    • Contributes to the control of appetite.

    If you want to burn that undesirable fat that does not let you have the perfect body you want so much without sacrificing the muscles that have cost you so much work, Hydroxiter Fat Figther is the perfect supplement that Tegor has created for you, because you will burn fat quickly and continuously and will help you control your appetite.

    Recommended use: indicated for athletes or people with constant physical activity who want to sculpt their body with lean muscle mass. Take 2 capsules 10 or 15 minutes before each meal and before training. It is important that you do not take more than 12 capsules daily.

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