High Depurative from Tegor Sport is a depurative and digestive aid of very good quality that contains components specially designed to cleanse our body and thus live in a better way. Without a doubt, it is what you must take to live fully and have a good digestion. Do not hesitate to try it.

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Have a good digestion with High Depurative from Tegor Sport

High Depurative from Tegor Sport is a depurative that will help you cleanse your body quickly and easily, therefore it is ideal for those people who suffer from stomach discomfort or digestive problems.

Once you try High Depurative from Tegor Sport, you will notice a positive change in your body. Plus, it is easy to digest and due to the ingredients with which it has been prepared, it is absorbed quickly by our body. Its capsules are presented in two colors, white and blue.

High Depurative from Tegor Sport has designed with the aim of helping people suffering from digestive problems and to cleanse their blood, and as a result, to live a full and completely healthy life. Its high content in aquatic clover, alcahofa, and boldo makes it the essential supplement to cleanse our body. The aquatic clover is an extremely natural plant that grows in the aquatic and temperate zones, characterized by having depurative effects. Alcahofa is a vegetable that have a low fat content, which means that we do not worry about gaining weight due to its consumption, also stimulates the discharge of urine in abundance and prevents the accumulation of sugars and other substances in our blood. Boldo is responsible for promoting the detoxifying properties of the liver and promotes the discharge of fluids from the body.

High Depurative from Tegor Sport has been created with the purpose of purifying our organism and that we can carry out an adequate digestion regardless of the food we consume. It contains plants such as aquatic clover, which has purifying properties and alkaloids, and boldo, which has digestive properties that will undoubtedly improve our digestive system and help us to feel good at mealtime and after it.

Facts of High Depurative from Tegor Sport

  • 100% natural.
  • Has purifying properties.
  • Promotes a good digestion.
  • Gets rid of toxins from the liver and kidneys.
  • Made from excellent quality ingredients.

High Depurative from Tegor Sport is a food supplement that will help you reduce liver problems. In addition, it is the perfect depurative to free your kidneys, liver and body, in general, from all those toxins that are too much and can negatively affect them and not let them work properly. It contains aquatic clover, alcahofa and boldo, three ideal ingredients for a total and deep cleansing in your body. It is ideal to cleanse our body in situations of excess, has been specially created for those people who for some reason suffer from problems to have an adequate digestion or process some type of food. You should not keep yourself from satisfying such cravings. Take this product in order to have a better digestion and thus enjoy life a bit more.

Recommended use: take 1 capsule of each color once a day.

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