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Hardcore Cell TNT Strawberry - 900 g

Hardcore Cell TNT Strawberry from Tegor Sport has the perfect combination of ingredients to help you recover your muscles faster after each exercise, increase its size and define them better. It also contains creatine monohydrate that combined with the other active elements of Hardcore Cell TNT Strawberry makes it unbeatable so your training gets better and more effective.

    Hardcore Cell TNT Strawberry from Tegor Sport, for thicker muscle mass and incredible physical performance.

    Thinking of giving athletes a supplement that allows them to achieve the best possible muscle development, improve their strength and thus their performance, Tegor has created the new muscle cell volumizer: Hardcore Cell TNT Strawberry. This is an enhanced version of the excellent Cell TNT product, also from Tegor.

    If you are an athlete and want to take your training to a level that you never thought you could reach, we have excellent news because Tegor Sport has created for you a new version of Hardcore Cell TNT that helps you to reach the optimal level of performance you want. The main component of Hardcore Cell TNT is creatine monohydrate (MC), which allows you to improve your body's ability to perform high intensity exercises while increasing your muscle mass. Creatine combines perfectly with the other substances that Hardcore Cell TNT contains to optimise its functions. For example, amylopectin gives your body energy and ensures the absorption of creatine, it also relieves the sensation of fatigue and minimizes the recovery time of the muscles, while the Andean plant called maca works as an energizer for your body.

    The lipoic acid contained in Hardcore Cell is an antioxidant that helps you to prevent the effect of free radicals during trainig, L-taurine stimulates the gain of muscle mass. For its part, L-glutamine, another active component of this product, helps you build muscles that look bigger. With HMB (hydroxymethylbutyrate) you manage to synthesize the proteins much better, helping you to have more strength and avoid catabolism. The citrulline in Hardcore Cell TNT delays the appearance of fatigue when you perform physical activities and thus allowing you to feel energized and active. These combination of substances used by Tegor in Hardcore Cell TNT make it the best supplement you can find to boost your performance, have a much faster physical recovery while training, and allows your muscles to have the desired volume.

    Hardcore Cell TNT Strawberry from Tegor Sport in addition to being a smash hit, is also super delicious and you will love its taste and the properties it offers. With this content you can prepare up to 90 servings.

    Facts of Hardcore Cell TNT Strawberry from Tegor Sport:

    • Reduces muscle fatigue while training.
    • Allows a faster muscle recovery.
    • Gives your muscles the volume you want.
    • Has a delicious strawberry flavour.
    • Its properties ensure incredible changes in your body.

    Hardcore Cell TNT Strawberry from Tegor Sport is the perfect supplement for athletes who want to take their performance to higher levels. Do not hesitate to buy it because you will notice the difference a few days after taking it.

    Recommended use: take between 10 and 50 g a day, depending on body weight (see instructions), dissolved in water or other liquid of your choice.

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