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Body Gain - 2 kg

The fantastic Body Gain from TEGOR is a nutritional supplement based on whey protein, combined with carbohydrates, specialized in helping to gain muscle mass and increase body weight in sportsmen and athletes who require it. Boost your energy levels and improve your performance in every physical activity you carry out.

    Body Gain from Tegor Sport, an incredible nutritional compound based on proteins for sports use, ideal to promote body weight gain in athletes who require it.

    The formula of Body Gain from Tegor Sport is an extraordinary source of proteins of the highest quality and purity, enriched with the right dose of carbohydrates and other incredible components.

    This unbeatable nutritional supplement provides a high protein value, widely recommended to supplement the diet of athletes and sportsmen who seek to increase their body weight and gain muscle mass, without the need to accumulate large amounts of fat in the body. This fantastic product developed by TEGOR guarantees a fast and effective action of its formula, favoring the adequate assimilation of its protein input and contributing to achieve the desired results in its physical and muscle development in the shortest time possible.

    Body Gain from Tegor Sport is ideal to gain muscle mass thanks to its advanced composition that helps to the adequate absorption of proteins by muscle fibers, allowing you to develop properly the muscles that have cost so much to build. For its part, this extraordinary sports supplement based on whey protein helps to boost energy levels and therefore, favors the increase of endurance and body vitality due to the action of the components in its formula such as carbohydrates.

    The incredible nutritional supplement Body Gain from Tegor Sport is the perfect supplement for sportsmen, athletes and fans of exercise routines that have difficulties to reach an optimal muscle development, its important nutritional input, rich in proteins, helps them to increase its muscle mass properly at the same time that it strengthens the body performance and promotes a better physical performance during the training.

    Facts of Body Gain from Tegor Sport.

    • Provides an important protein value from whey protein.
    • Offers the right dose of carbohydrates and other specialized components to help the physical development.
    • Ideal for sportsmen and athletes who want to increase their body weight without accumulating fat.
    • Helps the increase and development of muscle mass.
    • Helps boost the energy levels, resulting in greater physical strength and vitality.
    • Contributes to improve physical performance at the time of training.

    The nutritional mix of Body Gain from Tegor Sport can also be used as extra food thanks to its incredible protein value or to enrich the diet of sportsmen and athletes who need to supplement their diet with an additional input.

    Recommended use: as a nutritional supplement for sports use, it is recommended to mix between 50g and 150g of Body Gain from Tegor Sport in water or skimmed milk, depending on your body weight.

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