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BCAAs - 100 tablets

This product is a supplement ideal for achieving the wanted muscle tone and boost the energy available for muscles during physical exercise. The perfect combination of elements that invigorate the muscle fibers make this product really suitable to be part of a performance plan for high performance athletes and people that are new to the exercise routines in a gym.

    BCAAs from Tegor Sport: Maximum Efficiency in Building Muscle Mass.

    Muscle performance is usually affected by several factors, including the metabolism and the balance of nutrients present in the body. The tablets BCAAs from Tegor Sport provide a series of benefits for those who pay thorough attention to their physical performance, giving them the possibility of a fast and healthy muscle recovery.

    Many times, due to various circumstances, sportsmen spend some time without training, and when they get back to it they want to recover their ideal conditions in terms of toning and muscle development as soon as possible. The tablets BCAAs from Tegor Sport are the ideal choice for muscle growth, putting the muscles into its regular state, since its components activate the proteins essential that made up the body fibers.

    Its tablet format improves remarkably its assimilation and make really comfortable its dosage. This way you can take a proper control of the dose ingested daily and be able to notice advances effectively in our physique and fitness. In the tablets of BCAAs from Tegor Sport, the amino acids that improve the muscle development, are balanced.

    Facts of BCAAs from Tegor Sport

    • In tablet format for easy ingestion.
    • It provides the amino acids necessary for a better muscle performance.
    • Its dosage its simple and easy to understand.
    • It is easy to take anywhere due to its lightness and size.
    • It does not cause side effects.
    • It is easy to digest by the organism.
    • Its formula is completely balanced, which provides the expected results.

    The verifiable contributions of the tablets of BCAAs from Tegor Sport make them highly recommended as a supplement for sportsmen who want to boost their muscle growth and power fast, safe and healthily. We invite you to be one of the multiple users who have verified the high effectiveness of this product, specially designed for those who consider your performance sports important.

    Recommended use: it is necessary to take the tablets daily, according to the weight table, in proportion of the dose, once the table has been checked out, assess if it is for training day or a day off. During training, take half a dose after the routine and half a dose one and a half hour after; on rest days, take half a dose during lunch and half a dose one and a half hour later.

    In those cases, in which the period of leading a sedentary lifestyle has been quite long, and therefore the muscle weakening has been high, it is advisable to take half a dose just before the gym activities, and half a dose after the practice. For rest days, apply the usual way of ingestion. It is important accompany the consumption of BCAAs from Tegor Sport with a stable and productive exercise routine to ensure the performance sought-after.

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