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Amino Power - 500 g

Amino Power from Tegor Sport is a nutritious product that can be consumed by anyone who practices physical activities, with the purpose of recovering the muscles of our body after having done an intense training. It contains a wonderful combination of essential amino acids, L-glutamine and B vitamins.

    Every athlete wants to recover and keep their muscle mass protected. With Amino Power from Tegor Sport, they can achieve amazing results and have the muscles they have always wanted.

    Amino Power from Tegor Sport is a supplement containing essential amino acids that our body is not able to synthesize on its own, but, which are necessary for the construction of the proteins we need for our body to perform all its functions properly. The essential amino acids are indispensable for the growth and maintenance of our muscle mass.

    This great supplement also helps to repair the tissues, create antibodies, to transport oxygen through our body, among other functions of great importance. Amino Power from Tegor Sport also contains L-glutamine, which intervene at muscular level promoting the excellent formation of our muscles and protecting them from any deterioration. Moreover, this supplement has B vitamins, which are indispensable for our body as any other vitamin. These help keep the nervous system in ideal conditions and have an excellent level of energy, allowing us to have a better physical performance.

    When we do intense physical trainings, we need a supplement that help us get all the proteins and vitamins that our body needs, so we can get a greater performance in our routines and thus achieve the results wanted. To that end, Amino Power from Tegor Sport was created, which contains an excellent combination of all essential amino acids, L-glutamine and B vitamins that we need to build the muscular body we have always dreamed of.

    Facts of Amino Power from Tegor Sport

    • Its formula contains essential amino acids, L-glutamine and B vitamins.
    • Increases the muscle mass.
    • Has a high amount of proteins.
    • Contributes to the correct operation of the organism.
    • Allows proper absorption of proteins.
    • Helps improvement and quick recovery of the organism.
    • Reduces the symptoms of muscle pain.

    Amino Power from Tegor Sport is a high-quality nutritional supplement which can be consumed by all those who are athletes and love to consume always the best in order to keep their body fit and in ideal conditions. This supplement will help them increase their strength and muscle mass to show off an attractive body. In addition, it will help us to protect our muscles against any kind of deterioration. This product comes in a sturdy plastic bottle that has a top that allows us to open it easily.

    Recommended use: it is recommended take between ten (10) and thirty (30) grams of Amino Power from Tegor Sport daily. This supplement should be consumed before, during and after training, to get an increase in strength, protect our muscle mass and accelerate the recovery of the muscles in order to get the results wanted. This product should be kept in a fresh and dry place.

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