Tegor Sport

Tegor Sport is a leading brand in the development of nutritional and sports supplements. Based on the foundations of natural medicine, but with the rigor of precise scientific research, it has developed an infinity of products with advanced technology that have placed it at the forefront of the market.


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Tegor Sport is a symbol of top-quality supplementation and cutting-edge technology in the development of sports, nutritional and beauty supplements. Since its foundation in 1993, its performance in this area has been possible thanks to the application of the principles of naturopathic medicine, which contrasts with objective focused research and tests, adhered to a strict scientific criterion.

The laboratories of Tegor Group use high-quality raw materials, which due to their particular active components come from all over the world. They are carefully selected and used under the GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practices), which are fundamental standards for the making of high-quality food and medicines.

Tegor Sport production and research facility is located in the province of Vizcaya and occupies an area of ​​more than 5000 square meters. It is equipped with advanced technology, thanks to which it provides the best products. Its R + D + I department (research, development and innovation) is responsible for the formulation of both the company's products and those developed for third parties.

In 2010, its facilities were expanded, improving its machinery and its competitive capacity. Among the most important modifications we can mention that the distribution of its production departments was optimized, separating them into medicines based on medicinal plants, products and dietary supplements, and the section of cosmetics and homeopathy.

This dependency of Tegor Laboratories applies a system of differential pressures that avoid the possibility of cross contamination among products of different sections. This also applies to the distribution and movement of raw materials and specialized personnel that work in this plant.

Thanks to its desire for innovation in all its processes, the production facilities are under technical ceiling that only approved those that comply with certain characteristics. This is located between both floors of the building, and makes it possible to detect immediately the repair of any technical damage, thus minimally affecting the production processes.

At Tegor Laboratories, the production of medicines has a provision of purified water, which is used in the production of oral solutions, and in the cleaning of the corresponding machinery. In addition, hygiene tasks are carried out through an advanced system of dust extraction that maintains the quality of the work space.

In addition to all this, every section is divided into independent rooms, where the various stages of development are carried out. The air-conditioned warehouses are used to preserve in excellent conditions raw materials and products that require a different environmental treatment.

All that has been mentioned above makes Tegor Sport a brand that is at the forefront on the supplementation market. It is 100% reliable in natural therapies. Its commitment to innovation and production of the highest quality ensure that it will continue to occupy a privileged position for a long time.