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List of products by brand SYNTRAX

SYNTRAX comes as an exceptional alternative for all those who wish to add protein supplements to their daily intake.

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Whey shake - 2.2kg

Whey Shake - 2.2kg


Whey Shake by Syntrax is elaborated with the best raw material obtained in the...
will be shipped in 5-15 days

In sports, it is always necessary to have food supplements of various kinds. Remember that athletes require a special diet, because they have their body working at maximum power. In response to these requirements, SINTRAX stands out as one of the best in this market.

It is a company with important facilities in North America, in the town of Scott City, Missouri. It was founded in the year 2010 by people skilled in nutrition. From the outset, its mission has been to create products for everyday life. Its clients are people dedicated to high level sports. Likewise, it is interested in meeting the requests of the general public.

One of the characteristics of SINTRAX is continuous research and development. Its formulas are the result of researchers with 30 years of experience, who after working in other companies decide to gather to create this new company. Therefore, although it is relatively recent its appearance in the market, it turns out that in fact its personnel has much experience.

The SINTRAX facilities are a combination of office, storage and retail areas, together with excellent laboratories. One of the characteristics of the company is its constant experimentation. In fact, its elaborations are 100% original. It does not copy recipes from competitors. To protect its formulas, it has the policy of creating patents before launching its products to the market. Therefore, any product of this company is unique, being unlikely to find equivalents in other companies.

Its manufacturing methods are somewhat unique because 100% natural components are used. Although it has laboratories, the reality is that it uses the best plants and herbs to achieve a very high effectiveness in its work. In addition, they have a strict quality control, which is backed by compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.

The product lines offered by SINTRAX are oriented towards the intake of proteins. Some are in powder form to prepare milkshakes, others are chewy bars and some other presentations intended to give variety. Also, it is tried to make these supplements tasty. Thus, this company not only takes care for the nutrient production line, but also how to present it to consumers.

Finally, it is necessary to talk about the way SINTRAX tries to enter the market. To achieve this, it has the strategy of keeping prices low. Therefore, it can be said that these products have the double condition of excellent quality coupled with affordable prices. In this way, it is possible to capture an important amount of customers, being the interest of this company the popularity of its offer. In fact, the central phrase of its philosophy is: "Produce the best product at the best price".