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Muscle Builder Biceps Pump Sleeves - SteelFit

Muscle congestion is a process in which the blood is redirected, accumulating in the muscles in order to make their grow happen faster, using less weight. Muscle Builder Biceps Pump Sleeves from Steelfit helps redirect the blood to the biceps, which has oxygen and components necessary for the results of the training be better.

    Muscle Builder Biceps Pump Sleeves from Steelfit redirects the blood flow in order to build more muscles using less weight.

    Muscle pump is essential for our muscles. Muscle Builder Biceps Pump Sleeves from Steelfit contributes to this process, since it increases the blood flow by exerting pressure in the area of the biceps, which is the muscle to work.

    The noticeable appearance of bulgy muscles after training and even 30 minutes later, is due to the blood flow congestion in the muscles. That is why, this circumstantial change must occur throughout the muscle development process, so it can be noticeable later, real growth. The muscle pump is a process which takes place due to the redistribution of blood in the body, to promote the arrival of oxygen and maintain the energy system operating in the muscles trained. If the muscle you want to train is the biceps, then the rest of the organs do not need an increased blood flow, so this is redirected to those muscles to optimize the training process, oxygenate them and then, contribute to the removal of waste products.

    This congestion is necessary for the muscles to grow and develop. In addition, it is necessary a good stimulus that forces the muscle to adapt, which makes it grow. That is, it is required a suitable training that causes a muscle response appropriate for growth. Once a proper training is carried out, the muscle pump contributes to said development by feeding the muscles and help in the repair process, which ultimately makes possible the muscle growth. Although, it is not always easy to congest muscles, that is why Muscle Builder Biceps Pump Sleeves from Steelfit was created, which is a very useful accessory to make it possible to achieve hypertrophy of a muscle and is essential in occlusion training.

    The right way of use is: first, hold the band on your arm with the buckle open and facing outside. Then, pass the strap through the buckle to the tension desired. It must be a stiffness of level 7 on a scale of 1-10. Fasten the buckle on its place. You can roll up the remaining part of the belt around your arm and put it through clips.

    Facts of Muscle Builder Biceps Pump Sleeves from Steelfit

    • Stimulates muscle growth in the blockage training (causing muscle pumps easily).
    • Keeps the heat.
    • Provides support.
    • Made of a strong material.

    Muscle pumps can be difficult to achieve and long sets with heavy weights exhaust you and provoke the early emergence of the catabolism, which would negatively affect your training. Muscle Builder Biceps Pump Sleeves from Steelfit contributes to muscle congestion, provides support and heat and is easy to use, improving your training, using less weight.

    Recommended use: during training regularly.

    Questions and answers
    Hola, estaria interesado en este producto, pero nose como poder elejir la talla, hay alguna tabla de medidas?
    2018-08-20 21:38:08 Rubèn Balmisa Muñoz
    Hola mande un correo a info@masmusculo.com para que mis compañeros de att.cliente le den mas información. Un saludo
    2018-08-21 10:28:51 Beltran
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