StarLabs Evo Series

StarLabs Evo Series is a state-of-the-art product line from StarLabs Nutrition Inc., a Houston, Texas-based company dedicated to the development of sports supplements for professional and amateur athletes.


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    Hd8 hydropro - 1.8 kg - StarLabs Evo Series

    HD8 HydroPro - 1.8 kg

    HD8 HydroPro manufactured by starlabs is an incredible source of high quality protein. HD8...

    StarLabs Evo Series

    64,80 €
  • W74 wheycore - 2kg - StarLabs Evo Series

    W74 WheyCore - 2kg

    W74 WheyCore designed by starlabs is a powerful nutritional supplement that promotes the...

    StarLabs Evo Series

    54,99 €

This range of food supplements covers all the nutritional needs of athletes and has been conceived after exhaustive research with the most qualified scientists, which has allowed us to obtain a whole new generation of state-of-the-art products.

StarLabs Nutrition performs tests on all the raw materials and an exhaustive quality control of the products made to guarantee the highest purity and quality.

StarLabs Evo Series offers several innovative formulas of patented efficacy, such as WP8 MyoBolic™ 2.0, a nutritional supplement containing 100% quality whey protein, WPF ™ PRO, the formula that contains hydrolyzed and whey protein isolate, HD8 HydroPro™, a supplement with 100% hydrolyzed whey protein and a minimum of 95 grams of protein and the patented PCT Adenovex™, the high power muscle protector.

BM4 BigMuscle™ is a complex of oats and proteins that stimulates muscle recovery and repair of muscles at night, completely and effectively, and PM8 micellar casein is the advanced formula containing slow release protein that protects muscles for an extended time.

CR5 CR5 creatine is a nutritional supplement that provides ultra pure creatine monohydrate that promotes sports performance and increases energy. G L5 Glutamine is an ultra pure micronized glutamine formula that enhances muscle building and improves post-workout recovery.

XXL MyoGainer™ is a high quality weight gainer that stimulates advanced muscle building and provides a powerful amount of 377 calories per serving. A70 Carbofuse™ is a carbohydrate supplement that delivers high doses of immediate energy and accelerated recovery for intensely trained athletes.

StarLabs Evo Series is a well-known brand of sports supplementation that provides a long list of state-of-the-art nutritional products that help people achieve all performance, muscle building and definition goals such as N H2 Ripped™ the formula that helps you lose weight, amino acid supplements such as 8:1:1 mTOR, 4:1:1 Anabolic BCAA, Amino Acid Complex, the testosterone enhancers 17Test FX ™, T 90 Tribulus and ZMA, with zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6.