Garlic Oil 10mg from Source Naturals is a food supplement that incorporates all the advantages of garlic oil in a much more concentrated and fast assimilation format. Taking it is ideal for health since it supports the strengthening of the immune system, helps to reduce cholesterol, has antiseptic properties, improves digestion and fluidifies the blood.

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Garlic Oil 10mg from Source Naturals strengthens the immune system and promotes cardiovascular health.

Garlic Oil 10mg from Source Naturals is a nutritional supplement that incorporates all the advantages of natural garlic oil for the health of the body.

Its components are extracted from the bulb of fresh and whole garlic, then suspended in pure soybean oil to bring to our comfort a product of the highest quality and perfectly concentrated to receive the benefits of garlic without its original taste or smell. One of the main advantages of incorporating its intake into the diet is that it has antibacterial properties, helps lower cholesterol, improves digestion, supports the strengthening of the immune system and fluidises the blood. Garlic Oil 10mg from Source Naturals is a great idea to incorporate all the properties of garlic to health, as we might know, this food is not only useful in gastronomy but also in the correct maintenance of the organism due to its high wealth in amino acids, minerals (calcium, iron, phosphorus) and vitamins (B and E).

In addition, the best thing of all is that it is highly recognized for its antioxidant power, which protects cells from producing free radicals. Luckily, Source Naturals not only brings all the benefits of garlic to our comfort, but a much more concentrated and high quality format for excellent consumption. Garlic Oil 10mg from Source Naturals is indicated for those people who want to increase their health and not only in strengthening the defenses, garlic oil is ideal to support digestion, blood flow, helps the cardiovascular system, reduces cholesterol and has an effective antiseptic action. In short, it is an ideal alternative to have a better physical well-being and ensure the proper operation of the body. Now, for greater benefits, comes in a convenient format of rapid assimilation which we can easily transport and take when the occasion requires.

Facts of Garlic Oil 10mg from Source Naturals

  • Antibacterial action
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Reduces cholesterol and stimulates the cardiovascular health
  • Fluidifies blood
  • Protects cells from free radicals
  • Guarantees a good operation of the organism
  • Contains no gluten, preservatives or artificial subtances
  • 100% healthy and natural
  • Comfortable pack of 250 softgels

Since many years ago, Garlic has been used for medicinal and healing purposes, however, Source Naturals has developed an excellent supplement, much more concentrated, effective, comfortable and pleasant to take to enjoy the advantages of this vegetable ingredient.

Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take between 1 or 2 softgels a day, preferably next to a main meal and with a glass of water.

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