Evening Primrose Oil from Source Naturals provides the body with gamma linoleic acid (GLA) that is very useful for metabolism. It is an essential substance, so it can only be obtained by means of food. It is perfect for combating LDL cholesterol and preventing cardiovascular damage. Very useful to keep skin healthy and smooth.

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    Evening Primrose Oil from Source Naturals, ideal for improving the cardiovascular system.

    El producto Evening Primrose Oil from Source Naturals is an excellent alternative for health. Its benefits are remarkable, although perhaps the most striking is that it has a good amount of omega 6 fatty acids.

    The latter is a nutrient that the body needs indefectible, but the metabolism of humans can not produce it on its own. For this reason, it is necessary to obtain it thorugh the daily diet, in foods such as nuts, tuna, coconut, avocado and others. However, it is necessary to consume large quantities of these foods to give the body the amount of omega 6 needed for optimal metabolism. It is for this reason that products such as Evening Primrose Oil from Source Naturals have been created, which is offered to the public in a comfortable format, in softgels, that facilitates its dosage according to the needs of each individual. It basically contains linolenic acid and gamma linolenic acid (GLA) which combat cholesterol and help improve the cardiovascular health. Also, it is of great help to alleviate the menstrual ailments and attending inconveniences in the skin.

    Evening primrose oil contains GLA (gamma linoleic acid), being omega 6 one of the essential fatty acids. It is obligatory to obtain it by means of the ingestion, since the body does not generate it on its own. It has many benefits, some of which we briefly indicate. For example, it potentiates the presence of insulin in the blood. It is also highly recommended to stabilize the nervous system. It is also good for maintaining the health and elasticity of the skin in the best possible conditions. It is very good for physical training, in addition to helping to lose weight because it works by inhibiting the appetite, while eliminating the accumulation of fat. Finally, its greatest feature is that omega 6 is an excellent supplement to prevent and remove LDL cholesterol, which is responsible for numerous cardiovascular problems. In this way, it can be asserted that Evening Primrose Oil from Source Naturals is a versatile supplement for different health aspects.

    Facts of Evening Primrose Oil from Source Naturals

    • Provides essential fatty acids
    • Provides the body with a good amount of omega 6
    • Helps control cholesterol
    • Anti-inflammatory, ideal for menstrual symptoms
    • Controls skin health
    • In comfortable format for better dosage
    • Improves the cardiovascular system

    Cyclists face the challenge of pedaling for long distances, maintaining the same position. With this product, it is achieved greater comfort, prevention of impacts and oxygenation of muscles in the cycling activity.

    Recommended Use: consume from one (1) to four (4) softgels daily.

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