WPS Whey Protein Stack - 908g (2Lbs)

WPS Whey Protein Stack from Soul Project Labs is a fat-free, low-calorie dietary supplement that will help you increase your muscle mass by defining the volume of your muscles when exercising, and repairing muscle tissues after each day of sports training. Bring a rich flavor to your days with this excellent product.

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WPS Whey Protein Stack from Soul Project Labs is the whey protein with the highest purity in the market thanks to its formula totally free in fat and low in carbohydrates providing a clean training of great results.

WPS Whey Protein Stack from Soul Project Labs is a low-carbohydrate whey concentrate enriched with taurine and vitamin B6, and some other minerals that are indispensable in the quest to increase muscle in a clean, pure and high quality process. Its whey base is blended with a wide variety of branched amino acids along with a few classes of vitamins and minerals that, combined with a low percentage of carbohydrates and fats, make it one of the best nutritional supplements when it comes to completing the practice of exercises. In addition, it favors the increase of performance, by its abundance in taurine: molecule that achieves energizing and physical endurance effects in a training period. Meanwhile, you also have a serving of vitamin B6, needed for diets high in protein that helps increase muscle power and energy production.

WPS Whey Protein Stack from Soul Project Labs was elaborated with 100% whey proteins, the percentages being distributed as follows: 41% of whey protein concentrate, 32% of whey protein isolate and 27% of soy protein isolate, forming a cutting-edge high-protein matrix. Milk whey proteins have a relatively rapid assimilation, indicating its high bioavailability in the muscular walls and it is of great importance the way of absorption and of ingestion, being of very comfortable acceptance by the human and distributed very easily by the body.

WPS Whey Protein Stack from Soul Project Labs brings to the body a large amount of branched-chain amino acids and glutamine, which makes it a very important supplement due to the decrease in the value of glycogen in our body, caused by muscle wasting that occurs in the post-training period. BCAAs are an up-to-date source in these dietary supplements, instantly gaining muscle repair and preserving lean mass during workout load and non-workout days.

Facts of WPS Whey Protein Stack from Soul Project Labs

  • 100% maximum quality whey protein
  • A supplement that maintains physical activity in a healthy and clean way because its free in fat and low in carbohydrate
  • Get an energizing and resistive touch by means of taurine and vitamin B6
  • Cleanly increases muscle mass
  • Defines muscle volume
  • Repair of muscle fibers after training
  • Comfortable ingestion thanks to its excellent taste and texture

WPS Whey Protein Stack from Soul Project Labs favors the most enthusiastic athletes to practice to the maximum the exercises of greater intensity and to achieve an exponential improvement in the sporty performance. The assimilation of this milk whey is excellent to avoid bad stomach digestion, which benefits a diet of five (5) meals a day. WPS Whey Protein Stack is a whey concentrate of unique quality and high biological value.

Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, mix 50 g diluted in 250 ml liquid (water or skim milk). Take once or twice a day, one after training and another upon waking.

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