WP-H Whey Protein Hard from Soul Project is a nutritional supplement that will allow you to increase your muscles quickly, in a completely natural and very simple way. Low in fat and lactose content. Recover immediately, after an arduous sport or athletic day.

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WP-H Whey Protein Hard from Soul Project, for demanding athletes and sportsmen who want greater growth and fat-free muscle volume.

WP-H Whey Protein Hard from Soul Project is an excellent protein-based product, leader in its kind, for the high quality of its components components of proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and perfectly combined BCAA. WP-H is a whey protein that serves effectively to repair and provide the maximum number of muscle fibers after a hard workout. It is designed to use after training, available in pleasant flavors, with a very low fat content for a volume and definition as clean as possible, giving the body a great anabolic response.

WP-H Whey Protein Hard from Soul Project has as source of protein exclusively the whey concentrate, obtained through an outstanding process of ultra-microfiltration, which is why it is one of the protein sources of greater biological value and optimum quality. Its carbohydrate intake is structured in maltodextrin (a supplement that comes from starches such as rice and is recurrent for cyclists, since it favors endurance), dextrose (the sugar that protein needs to reach muscle tissue) and quality lipids (cell protectors and immune system enhancers). The success of WP-H lies in its high concentration of essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids, necessary for anabolism and regeneration of muscle tissue. For its perfect WP-H, formula full of energy and heals aching muscles with essential amino acids to ensure rapid and effective growth.

WP-H Whey Protein Hard from Soul Project is ideal for athletes of all types of sport where you want to give protection the muscle of the wear caused by the training. It is also recommended for people who have a protein deficiency in their diet. Being a totally natural product, it can be taken by any person or athlete. You can combine protein along with carbohydrates in those athletes who want to gain weight more easily. WP-H ensures muscle regeneration, because it restores glycogen stores in muscles and rebuilds muscle tissue; helps in maintaining muscle tone and gaining muscle mass in the long run. 

Facts of WP-H Whey Protein Hard from Soul Project

  • Quick absorption and quick effects.
  • Very low lactose and fat content.
  • Stimulates the growth and preservation of muscle tissue.
  • Ensures recovery and decreases fatigue and muscle pain after intense training
  • Increases and rebuilds muscle mass.
  • Increases endurance levels.
  • Delicious taste and nice texture.

WP-H Whey Protein Hard from Soul Project is a high quality protein supplement low in fat, delicious and easy to digest. For its excellent quality it provides a faster recovery and an increase of the musculature. WP-H has been specially designed to repair the maximum number of muscle fibers after hard training.

Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement, mix 50 grams of WP-H in 250 ml of cold water or milk, take one to two times daily. It is advisable to consume after training because the body absorbs better the nutrients ingested and helps a faster recovery.

Ana 2018-05-29 16:48:28
Me gustaría saber si tiene gluten, gracias espero vuestra respuesta
Beltran 2018-05-30 10:29:34
Hola puede contener trazas al ser fabricado en instalaciones donde se manipula con gluten, si es muy intolerante tiene otras opciones para asegurar y que ponge gluten free, tenemos un chat en la web donde nos puede consultar.Un saludo
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