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Titan Mass Gainer - 7kg

Titan Weight Gainer from Soul Project is an ideal dietary supplement for athletes and sportsmen who are starting in the world of fitness, increasing their strength and power in each workout. It is low in fat, with excellent taste and texture.

    Titan Weight Gainer from Soul Project, the Essential Weight Gainer for beginners, which gives more strength, more size, more volume and more energy, with clean and sustainable results.

    Titan Weight Gainer from Soul Project is a nutritional supplement, which works as a potent weight-gainer, based on a combination of different sources of complex carbohydrates, proteins, low-fat creatine. All this in a perfect proportion ideal for a remarkable increase of muscle mass. By combining different carbohydrates with different glycemic indexes, it provides more energy during physical activity, and serves as a basis for a rapid post-workout recovery, being a leading and indispensable product for lean and accelerated metabolism people who wish to increase their volume in a clean and fast way.

    Titan Weight Gainer from Soul Project uses a carbohydrate base of slow absorption and rapid absorption as oats and a rapid absorption such as dextrose, in addition to maltodextrin and fructose. Oatmeal is rich in protein, vitamins, calcium, magnesium and other minerals; So it is useful to gain muscle mass, stimulate the body, and increase energy level for prolonged time, thus avoiding the feeling of fatigue, additionally regulates the level of cholesterol and glucose in the blood, reduces the risk of cardiovascular accidents, normalizes blood pressure and educates the risk of suffering some types of cancer. Dextrose induces a mobilization of creatine into the muscle, which leads to substantial increases in muscle mass and increased strength.

    Titan Weight Gainer from Soul Project provides a protein source based on milk, enriched with vitamins that contribute to the metabolism of macronutrients and promote its correct absorption, creatine monohydrate and glycine, two important aids in the gain of muscle mass. Because of its glycine content, a non-essential amino acid that the body is able to synthesize and is a precursor of creatine, contributes to boost muscle gain, have a rapid recovery after training and healthy joints. It is supplemented with creatine monohydrate, which generates an increase in strength, energy and muscle mobility; So it helps the muscle to improve its performance and prevents its fatigue very fast.

    Facts of Titan Weight Gainer from Soul Project

    • It is ideal for beginners.
    • Increases strength and energy during training.
    • Strengthens the growth of muscle mass.
    • Low fat content.
    • Helps with muscle recovery after physical activity.
    • Excellent taste, texture and easy dissolution
    • Helps gain weight.

    Titan Weight Gainer from Soul Project is designed for those people who find it difficult to gain weight. By providing a mixture of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins, you will increase your caloric intake in a practical way with fast and effective results; Achieving weight gain along with good nutrition and training, providing more size, definition and strength.

    Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement, take 200 grams in several intakes per day. Take before and after training, because at that time the body better accepts the nutrients ingested and allows a faster recovery and an increase in protein synthesis.

    Questions and answers
    si pido mas de uno obtengo algun obsequio? o me descuentan algo más? que sabor me recomiendas?
    2018-07-03 20:26:00 Ruth VILLAS
    Hola buenos días. Se trata de un producto que se encuentra en promoción actualmente asi que puede disfrutar de un buen descuento. Como sabor depende de sus gustos, pero por ejemplo el de chocolate está muy bueno. Un saludo
    2018-07-17 12:14:30 Rafael
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    hasta cuando esta la oferta? yo solo he probado el de fresa, que tal esta el de melon?
    2018-07-02 17:07:53 Ruth VILLAS
    Buenos dias , la oferta puede variarte depende del dia , el tema sabores es algo personal , hay gente que si le gusta y gente que no. gracias un saludo
    2018-07-03 10:16:42 Joel
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