LGM L-Glutamine from Soul Project is a dietary supplement for those who do weight or strength exercises. It provides the body with the amino acid L-glutamine. Thanks to this, it prevents catabolism because it helps maintain nitrogen levels. Recommended for fast results in exercise. Ideal for those who want to train for longer.

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LGM L-Glutamine from Soul Project, ideal for preventing catabolism.

LGM L-Glutamine from Soul Project is perfect for those who engage in intense sports activities. It contains an important dose of the amino acid known as glutamine, which is the most abundant at the level of muscle groups.

It fulfills several functions, but its greatest property is that it avoids the protein degradation by the nitrogen retention, the synthesis of glycogen and helping that the metabolism manages to synthesize proteins obtained from food to generate new cells in the fibers of the muscles. It is important to say that this supplement should be accompanied by diet and exercise. Glutamine is involved in the process of muscle growth, making it much faster, but never makes grow the muscle mass on its own. For this reason, it is necessary to contemplate the LGM L-Glutamine from Soul Project within the scope of a diet plan and physical activity, in which the consumption of this product acts as a catalyst and accelerator to achieve goals. To that effect, it is 100% recommended for athletes and bodybuilders that want to gain muscle volume quickly.

It is not easy to get good and fast results in exercise programs. It takes perseverance, patience and proper food. In the case of bodybuilding, this should be supplemented with a diet that gives the body the nutrients and matter to generate more cells in the muscle fibers. For this reason, it is necessary to add to the diet supplements that accelerate this process to help the body take advantage of what is obtained through nutrition. This is the role of LGM L-Glutamine from Soul Project. Its excellent formula contains the amino acid L-glutamine, which helps markedly the protein synthesis and avoids the catabolism process thanks to its effective action in the retention of hydrogen, the generation of glycogen and potentiating the metabolism in a general way. In addition, it is sold in a comfortable format that allows to incorporate its consumption in the daily diet without major inconveniences.

Facts of LGM L-Glutamine from Soul Project

  • Provides the amino acid L-glutamine
  • Improves protein and glycogen synthesis
  • Prevents catabolism
  • Increases nitrogen level
  • Helps maintain muscle strength
  • Improves the use of nutrients to gain muscle mass
  • Attractive and practical container

This product is designed exclusively for all those people who want to increase the level of training and at the same time want to avoid the annoying catabolism. It acts by increasing the nitrogen in the muscles to give it more oxygenation.

Recommended use: the ideal is to take 15 g mixed in 250 ml of water.

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