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Belly and Hips Express Treatment - 150ml

Belly and Hips Express Treatment from Somatoline is a product for topical use only, which comes in cream format and is used to reduce centimeters in the area of the belly and hips, helping in this way to get the desired figure. It has a light consistency, is easy to apply and its absorption is immediate, so it is ideal for women.

    Have the diameter you want in a short time with an excellent product, Belly and Hips Express Treatment from Somatoline: quality and efficiency guaranteed.

    This reducing cream was created to support efficient reduction, very easy and smoothly, of the fat that is located in one of the most troubling areas when it comes to build an ideal figure, so to speak, particularly in women.

    Now, Belly and Hips Express Treatment from Somatoline is a proven formula with active components for this purpose. Its use is very simple, you just need to apply a portion of it on the area you intend to treat and in a very short time it will completely permeate through the skin, this is thanks that it is not heavy, additionally, it does not leave a greasy feeling, therefore, you will not stain your clothes or any other damage to the same.

    Belly and Hips Express Treatment from Somatoline is ideal for reducing those centimeters in the hips and belly caused by the accumulation of fat in such areas, so, this quick-action cream helps reduce it in a short period of time, acting directly on it. On the other hand, this treatment promotes skin elasticity, being this of great importance to lose fat or weight, preventing the appearance of conditions as a result of this, which, undoubtedly, impair aesthetics in those areas.

    Belly and Hips Express Treatment from Somatoline is excellent for anyone, especially for women who want to reduce and remove fat located in those areas, which we want to show off from time to time. Its application does not affect doing everyday activities, such as work, household chores or practice of exercises, whether in or out of a gym, since it is absorbed very fast, does not leave the skin greasy and best of all, it does not requires a lot of time to apply it. Besides that, with a minimum portion, you can spread it and cover a considerable area, achieving results that will be more and more visible and noticeable as days go by.

    Facts of Belly and Hips Express Treatment from Somatoline

    • It is a reducing cream.
    • It is easy to apply.
    • It is not greasy.
    • Its texture is light.
    • It helps to have a narrower and leaner belly and hips.
    • It promotes the reduction of localized fat.
    • Ideal for women.

    It reduces fat accumulated in the belly and hips and is the best, safest and most effective product to achieve that. Therefore, it is a wonderful cream to have the desired figure, and thus you will look and feel very good and also satisfied with your body. This cream does not damage the skin, reduces the size of the stomach area, which usually make people feel discomfortable about the way they look.

    Recommended use: as reducing cream, apply once a day for two weeks. You can prolong the treatment for four weeks to get excellent results.

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