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List of products by brand Somatoline Cosmetic

Somatoline Cosmetics is a company that sells various reductive formulas designed specifically for men and women, which eliminate body fat, shape the silhouette and improve muscle definition.

Somatoline products contain specially selected active ingredients in clinically proven formulas. Each product helps to solve problems related to localized fat, cellulite, fluid retention and lack of muscle definition due to fat, swelling or subcutaneous fluid.

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29% dtoBelly and hips treatment express - 150ml
Belly and Hips Express Treatment - 150mlSomatoline Cosmetic
Belly and Hips Express Treatment from Somatoline is a product for topical use only, which comes...
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Somatoline Cosmetics offers the lines Reductores (Reducers - cosmetic creams that reduce corporal fat), Professional System, Anticelulíticos (Anticellulite), Línea Hombre (Line for Men) and Deodorants.

The Reductores (Reducers) line includes the Intensive 7 Nights Reducer, a cream that helps to eliminate the accumulated fat and the cellulite in the hours of the night. This is a product that contains the BioSlim10 complex, which stimulates fluid drainage, helps to eliminate fat and improves skin flexibility.

The Reductores/Reducers line also contains the Legs Drain Reducer, the Use & Go Reducer Spray, the Advance 1 Belly and Hips Reducer, the Más de 50 (Over 50) Reducer Treatment and the Zonas Rebeldes (Rebel Areas) Serum.

Professional System includes the Professional System Thighs and Hips product, a product composed by an activator serum that helps to eliminate fats in the difficult zones and an intensive fat reducer cream that drains toxins, stimulates microcirculation and helps to eliminate accumulated fat.

The Anti Cellulite line contains the product Cellulite resistant Intensive Action and Intensive Anti-Cellulite Serum Oil. These are two products that help combat cellulite by improving skin circulation, fluid drainage and lipolysis, helping to eliminate accumulated fat and orange peel skin.

Somatoline includes the Men line, which consists of two products that help eliminate male accumulated fat. Waist and Abdomen 7 Nights is a thermoactive cream that helps to eliminate abdominal fat and reduce waist in the evening hours. Abs Top Definition SportCool is a cold-effect gel that helps to achieve an optimal abdomen definition in just 2 weeks. Its composition is ideal to use during the practice of sports, as it is resistant to water and sweat.

The Deodorants line by Somatoline includes two special products, the Sensitive Skin Deodorant and a special deodorant ideal for athletes, sportspersons or very active people; the Hyperspiration Deodorant, an allergenic formula that reduces perspiration, counteracts bad smell and absorbs skin moisture.