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Whey Protein Powder - 340 g

Whey Protein Powder from Solgar is a food supplement formulated with an excellent amount of whey concentrate, isolated by microfiltration, a technology that ensures the highest protein intake and an excellent amount of amino acids, among which are glutamine and essential branched chain amino acids (BCAAs).

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    The best contribution of protein for the increase and effective maintenance of your muscle mass is contained in Whey Protein Powder from Solgar.

    Whey protein is one of the best proteins that exist. It is special for athletes and sportsmen looking to develop and increase their muscle mass efficiently, cleanly and safely. This protein is rich in amino acids and BCAAs, that is, Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. Whey Protein Powder from Solgar is a supplement that uses this protein, for which it has used a microfiltration technology, which ensures the greatest protein and nutrient contribution to our body, especially muscle mass, where it contributes to the formation of healthy tissue, increased strength and volume and also improve the way in which muscles recover and regenerate after intense workouts. Whey Protein Powder from Solgar has a scientifically advanced formula, which ensures the best results.

    Essential aspects of Whey Protein Powder from Solgar

    • A supplement made from a concentrate of isolated whey protein, which was obtained by a scientifically advanced microfiltration process.
    • Constitutes an excellent protein contribution for your body.
    • Contains a remarkable amount of essential amino acids among which are the BCAAs.
    • Helps to maintain the muscle mass.
    • Promotes increased muscle volume.
    • Increases strength and improves muscle development.
    • Promotes optimal muscle recovery.
    • Has a delicious flavor.
    • A completely natural product.
    • Safe to consume.
    • Has no side effects.
    • Suitable for vegetarians.

    What does Whey Protein Powder from Solgar provide?

    Whey Protein Powder from Solgar is a powder supplement, designed so that you can prepare delicious and powerful protein shakes, dissolving it with milk or your favorite fruit juice.

    Whey Protein Powder from Solgar is made following a formula that contains whey protein rich in BCAAs (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine) isolated with patented Cross-Flow technology that is also enriched with L-Glutamine.

    How to take Whey Protein Powder from Solgar?

    With Whey Protein Powder from Solgar, you make sure you have at your fingertips a healthy and effective protein for the development of your muscle mass and the improvement of your health. The excellent whey protein of this product provides you with the best nutritional contribution thanks to its excellent amount of amino acids that it contains in its unique formula. With Whey Protein Powder from Solgar, you can develop your muscle mass and make it grow if you are looking for volume. If instead you are not interested in making your muscles grow, but keep your muscles in excellent condition or improve the recovery process after exercise, this product is ideal for you.

    Whey Protein Powder from Solgar is ideal for all types of people, being perfectly ideal for vegetarians. This product is especially useful for athletes and sportsmen who need to maintain their muscle mass in excellent condition. Perfect for athletes looking to gain muscle mass, through high intensity workouts.

    How to take Whey Protein Powder from Solgar?

    • As a food supplement, dissolve a dose of 25 g of product with water, milk or favorite juice.
    • Take anytime you want.
    • In the case of athletes, take before training.
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