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Triple strength omega-3 - 50 softgels

Triple strenght Omega 3 Concentration by Solgar is a supplement which offers an excellent amount of Omega 3 to your body, helping you with all its benefits, thanks to its triple concentration, improving its effectiveness and promoting the development of a healthy life, contributing to cardiovascular health, brain, vision, among others.

    It contributes to the development of a healthy life, with the contribution of Triple strength Omega 3 Concentration by Solgar, perfect for sportspeople.

    Triple strength Omega 3 Concentration by Solgar, is a nutritional supplement for all types of users, especially for sportspeople and those who have a diet based on fish, which contains omega 3 naturally.

    This extraordinary supplement based on natural ingredients, offers a triple concentration Omega 3, which maximizes its benefits, especially balancing cholesterol levels in your body and improving the cardiovascular system, something important especially for sportspeople who need a proper functioning of their system, but in addition, omega 3 contained in this product contributes to the normal functioning of the brain.

    Omega 3 is a natural oil, polyunsaturated fatty acid, that is, it is a healthy fat that brings important benefits to the body. Usually, the main natural source of omega 3 is fish, so in some places omega 3 is known as fish oil. However, this limits the consumption of this powerful element to only those people who regularly consume fish in their diet. For this reason, omega 3 supplementation is necessary. Triple strength Omega 3 Concentration by Solgar offers the necessary and optimal amounts to contribute to a better health and functioning of several important body systems.

    Since the beginning of the Omega 3 study, at the end of the 20th century, a wide variety of benefits attributed to this ingredient have been discovered, among which, those that have to do directly with sportspeople, or people who practise regular exercise. For example, omega 3 increases the sportspeople athletic performance thanks to the fact that it increases strength and strengthens aerobic capacities through consumption. It helps to keep body cells healthy, including muscle cells, improves the nervous system and helps in the efficient production of energy. It has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and has very good effects on brain health.

    Characteristics of Triple strength Omega Concentration by Solgar

    • Contains triple concentration omega 3
    • It is a totally natural supplement
    • Perfect for sportspeople
    • It improves cardiovascular health
    • It improves the nervous system
    • It improves your vision
    • It promotes the increase of strength and energy
    • It has anti-inflammatory properties
    • Maintains healthy body cells

    Specifications per dose (2 capsules daily):

    • Contains 2800mg of concentrated fish oil
    • It has 1008mg + Eicosapentaenoic Acid or EPA
    • It also contains 756mg + Docosahexaenoic Acid or DHA

    To enjoy the extraordinary benefits of omega 3 quickly, efficiently and safely, Triple strength Omega 3 Concentration by Solgar is the perfect supplement, which guarantees excellent results and also contributes to a considerable improvement in your health.

    Recommended use: As a dietary supplement, take only 2 capsules of Triple strength Omega 3 Concentration by Solgar per day, preferably with food

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