The Solgar brand was founded in 1947 and has more than 65 years of experience in the sector and has been characterized by the search and innovation of new ways of using vitamins, minerals, plants and other natural ingredients to promote a better physical condition and the wellbeing of the human body.


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Within this line, its production with more than 365 food supplements includes multivitamins, minerals, specialized plant formulas, etc. All products developed by Solgar have been obtained thanks to the team of industry leading experts, led by the prestigious biochemical researcher, Dr. Richard Passwater.

All the efforts in the development lines would not make sense if, in the manufacturing process, we also did not seek excellence, with the most advanced production techniques, and the latest technological advances, as far as machinery is concerned. For this reason, Solgar is a benchmark in terms of cutting edge manufacturing, with completely exhaustive quality control processes, which fully guarantee all its products.

To differentiate its quality, from the rest of competitors, Solgar created a unique identification, which has become the image of its own brand, being the most striking of the brand, which is the Solgar gold label that appears throughout its production.

The widest range of products on the market, and with the best brand acceptance and reputation, both for young and old athletes who want to take care of their well-being, and proof of them are the more than 65 years that it has been number 1 in the international market.