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Lutein - 90 capsules / 543 mg

Lutein from Smart Supplements is a food supplement based on lutein, an essential nutrient, with benefits ranging from promoting the care of eyesight, helping vitamin A to protect your eye system from the damaging action of free radicals. In addition, it improves the physical performance of the athlete, making the cells of your body adapt easily to exercise.

    Give your body the necessary amount of lutein to enjoy its excellent benefits thanks to Lutein from Smart Supplements.

    Lutein is a nutrient directly related to beta carotene, antioxidant recognized for protecting the skin from free radicals, among other related benefits, including a healthy heart. By taking Lutein from Smart Supplements, you get that and other excellent benefits. Keep reading!

    Lutein is recognized for its benefits for eyesight, protecting the eye system from damage such as those caused to the retina by ultraviolet light. Lutein from Smart Supplements incorporates in its formula, high-quality lutein in the quantities necessary so that the consumer can enjoy all its benefits safely and efficiently, and without counterproductive side effects, since its composition is made up of excellent ingredients of natural origin.

    Lutein from Smart Supplements has excellent antioxidant benefits, especially related to the eye's health, where it acts as an efficient protector against free radicals. At the same time, this helps and promotes the creation and generation of pigments that allow the retina to function properly. It has been scientifically proven that a correct amount of lutein in the eyes can act as a kind of sunglasses, which protect especially from blue light, to prevent macular degeneration, and can even effectively prevent future problems and ocular pathologies.

    When it comes to exercising, lutein is recognized for being effective against a sedentary lifestyle. This is mainly because lutein accelerates and strengthens the muscle cells in their processes of adaptation to exercise. There are studies that have shown that lutein is directly related to those people who tend to move more and more intensely, how much more lutein is in your body. In fact, studies on athletes have shown results that demonstrate that athletes who consumed more lutein did more exercises. In this sense, Lutein from Smart Supplements provides the necessary levels of lutein to improve the condition and physical fitness of the consumer efficiently and effectively.

    Facts of Lutein from Smart Supplements:

    • Improves the eye's health.
    • Protects the eyesight.
    • Contributes to lead an active lifestyle.
    • Improves the ability to exercise.
    • Protects the ocular system's cells.
    • Improves the adaptation processes of muscle cells.

    Specifications per 100 g:

    • Has an energy value of 147,33 kcal / 615,10 kJ.
    • Contains 6.63 g of fats.
    • Its carbohydrate content is 5.71 g.
    • Contains 67.8 g of dietary fiber.
    • Has 14.67 g of proteins.
    • Only contains 0.001 g of salt.
    • Does not contain sugars.

    With the contribution of high-quality lutein present in this product, you will provide your body with extraordinary benefits. In addition, you will significantly improve your eyesight and perform your exercises with greater energy and better form.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, you will take one (1) capsule a day of Lutein from Smart Supplements, preferably with meals.

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