Collagen and Magnesium - 350 g
Collagen & magnesium - 350 g

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Collagen and Magnesium - 350 g

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Collagen and Magnesium from Smart Supplements is made with an innovative formula that improves joint health. Collagen and Magnesium from Smart Supplements contains a combination of magnesium and hydrolyzed collagen, which improves the health of bones, joints and skin; as well as improve other functions in the body.

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Collagen and Magnesium from Smart Supplements: Strengthen your Joints and Bones.

Collagen and Magnesium from Smart Supplements stimulates appropriate protein synthesis.

Collagen and Magnesium from Smart Supplements contains collagen which is a fundamental substance of bones, joints and skin. This substance stimulates the regeneration of these tissues and helps maintain them. The collagen that is used for the manufacture of this product is obtained by a hydrolyzation process that helps digestion and enhances the effectiveness of its action. This supplement is combined with magnesium, a mineral involved in the proper performance of different functions in the body. Is also involved in the normal synthesis of proteins and plays a key role for proper maintenance of bones, muscles and teeth in normal conditions.

Collagen and Magnesium from Smart Supplements is a perfect food supplement to add to any liquid, juice or milk. Smart Supplements is a leading brand in the area of food supplements, which over the years has been devoted to researching the ingredients for developing high quality products that benefit people to strengthen the diet with the nutrients necessary that quite often traditional food does not cover.

Collagen and Magnesium from Smart Supplements can be ingested by people who need a product to strengthen and improve the health of joints, cartilage and tendons. In addition, this product strengthens the health of nails, skin and hair. It can also be consumed by people who need to cover the daily requirement of magnesium.

Collagen and Magnesium from Smart Supplements is developed with a protein essential for the human body. This protein is normally produced by the body, and the consumption of supplements achieves a healthier life, by making the function of the organism improved. 

Collagen and Magnesium from Smart Supplements additionally contains magnesium which is a mineral of great importance for the functioning of the body. Collagen acts as a powerful muscle relaxant and is effective against cramps, contractures, vertigo, dizziness and fatigue.

Facts of Collagen and Magnesium from Smart Supplements

  • Provides the body with collagen and magnesium.
  • Improves the health of joints and skin.

Collagen and Magnesium from Smart Supplements helps you relax and rest in a proper way. It also helps in fixing calcium and phosphorus in bones and teeth.

Recommended use: Collagen and Magnesium from Smart Supplements is recommended to be ingestedin shots of 7.5 grams (one tablespoon) before breakfast and lunch.


  • 12/13/2016

Imprescindible en mi dieta ya que mi colágeno escaseo en el cuerpo y necesito darle un pequeño empujón.

    • 01/17/2017

    Produto com melhor preço e qualidade no mercado. Muito bom com uma dose na manhã ao acordar.

      • 01/06/2017

      Piel, cabello y uñas sanas

        • 11/14/2016

        Protección de las articulaciones. Funciona.

          • 10/05/2016


            de Jacobo 2016-07-30 08:48:06
            Hola de nuevo, otra pregunta es si podría combinar este producto con mi batido de proteínas Whey protein 80??? Gracias de antemano.
            Raúl Carrasco - IFBB PRO (MM Team) 2016-08-01 18:22:49
            hola jacobo, por supuesto que puedes combinarlo, el magnesio ademas de cumplir con mas de 500 reacciones enzimaticas beneficiosas y esenciales, tiene como principal apoyar la síntesis proteica, y el colageno totalmente compatible para tener unas articulaciones sanas.
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