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PLCH Hydrolyzed Collagen Cream - 200g

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PLCH Hydrolyzed Collagen Cream from Verónica Gallego is a physical care accessory, special for the care of the skin. It prevents the skin from degenerating, relieves pain related diseases such as arthritis, healthy skin wounds or injuries.

    PLCH Hydrolyzed Collagen Cream from Verónica Gallego, ideal for keeping your skin young and healthy.

    Verónica Gallego has developed for you PLCH cream, an effective topical formula, composed of a high dose of hydrolyzed collagen enriched with antioxidants and other ingredients of natural origin that are ideal for the optimal maintenance of the health of our skin. Dermatological and cosmetic treatments made with products made from hydrolyzed collagen are indispensable and increasingly common to counteract the degenerative process that our skin faces over the years, or the disease related to the loss of the natural collagen produced by the body and resulting in serious injuries to the skin, ligaments and joints. The main purpose of this extraordinary product is to stimulate the renewal in the connective tissues of the skin, reinforcing the capacity of hydration and retention of water inside the cells and protecting it from any degenerative condition.

    The versatility of this wonderful cream based on hydrolyzed collagen makes it an inevitable ally in the emergency kit of any family, thanks to it can be used on multiple occasions to keep our skin healthy. PLCH cream is used to rehydrate and rehabilitate the skin in athletes and sportsmen after intense and tiring physical workouts that subject the skin to various extreme conditions such as inadequate exposure to UV rays. This cream is also used to relieve joint ailments generated by degenerative diseases such as arthritis. Its healing qualities help combat wounds or injuries caused by burns or accidents, and is ideal for delaying the early appearance of expression lines on the face, associated with aging, improving elasticity and firmness in the skin.

    Facts of PLCH Hydrolyzed Collagen Cream from Verónica Gallego

    • Developed under high quality standards that guarantee its effectiveness at 100% without generating side effects.
    • Ideal to rehydrate and rehabilitate the skin after being subjected to excessive exposure to UVA rays.
    • Improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
    • Fights the suffering of degenerative diseases that diminish the natural development of collagen by the organism.
    • Helps maintain a healthy appearance.
    • Ideal for relieving ailments related to arthritis.
    • Helps heal skin wounds from burns or accidents.
    • Delays premature aging.

    The lack of collagen in the skin can be easily evidenced by the thinning of this. Little by little, the skin's capillary tissues become thicker, which reduces the ability of the skin to retain nutrients and water. That is why experts recommend using PLCH cream, made from hydrolyzed collagen to keep our skin healthy.

    Recommended use: As a physical care accessory apply a good dose of PLCH cream based on hydrolyzed collagen between two and six times a day depending on the magnitude of the condition.

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