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W100 Ultra Whey Protein from SFY Nutrition is an incredible high-quality nutritional supplement with a repowered formula made from 100% natural ultrafiltered whey protein, with a high content of essential amino acids and of great importance for muscle gain cycles, providing you with incredible results and incomparable effectiveness.

    W100 Ultra Whey Protein from SFY Nutrition is the most potent whey protein, which offers you to gain muscle with the best effectiveness in the market.

    The renowned brand SFY Nutrition has developed a wonderful natural product of unique quality, made especially for sportsmen and athletes who require high nutritional levels to obtain ideal lean muscle mass when performing their physical workouts. W100 Ultra Whey Protein from SFY Nutrition is a super effective supplement based on ultrafiltered whey protein that is very beneficial for gaining muscle mass since it has a high content of essential amino acids such as leucine, which incredibly enhances muscle endurance and musculature, providing you with results that you cannot imagine.

    What are the features of W100 Ultra Whey Protein de SFY Nutrition?

    • Of great importance for muscle gain cycles.
    • Provides a healthy lean muscles.
    • Made from ultrafiltered whey protein.
    • Has a high content of essential amino acids.
    • Contains 100% natural ingredients.
    • Provides better physical performance when training.
    • Comes in different delicious flavors.

    What does W100 Ultra Whey Protein from SFY Nutrition provide?

    This fantastic supplement comes in a powder presentation, in 5 delicious flavors, easily dissolved in liquids with a powerful and pure whey composition, which allows the absorption of its ingredients more effectively, thus guaranteeing its benefits more effectively, ideal for quick preparation.

    Content per dose (30 g) (these values ​​may vary according to flavor).

    • Has 111 Kcal of energy.
    • Has 1.48 g of fats of which 0.74 g are saturated fats, 0.42 g are monounsaturated and 0.32 g are polyunsaturated.
    • Provides 2.82 g of carbohydrates of which 1.34 g are sugars.
    • Has 22 g of protein.
    • Contains 0.1 g of salt, among other natural ingredients.

    What is W100 Ultra Whey Protein from SFY Nutrition taken for?

    This fantastic supplement helps you to build lean muscle mass, allowing to have the muscles you want in a more efficient way. It contains important amino acids that are absorbed faster and provide great benefits for the health of the muscles, boosting their endurance and growth, thus giving you great muscle performance, helping you achieve the results you crave for, but in a more effective way.

    W100 Ultra Whey Protein from SFY Nutrition is perfect for sportsmen and athletes of any level who wish to maintain their muscles healthy and lean. It is ideal for bodybuilders who need to increase their muscle mass more effectively. It is a first-hand supplement for people who want a better physical performance in order to enjoy the well-being any human being deserves. It is the first-hand product that will ensure the reach of your sports goals in an incredible way.

    How do you take W100 Ultra Whey Protein from SFY Nutrition?

    • Recommended to dissolve 30 g in 250 - 300 ml of water, juice or skim milk.
    • Take preferably at breakfast and immediately after training.
    • Take 2 times a day.
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