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F1 ISO Ultrapure - 1 kg

F1 ISO Ultrapure from SFY Nutrition is a wonderful supplement based on an ultra-pure whey isolate made using a novel microfiltration process that separates whey from fat and lactose, providing by far the most beneficial fractions of the protein, guaranteeing you more efficient results that help increase fat-free muscle growth.

    Increase your muscle mass in a healthier and more effective way with whey protein F1 ISO Ultrapure from SFY Nutrition.

    The prestigious SFY Nutrition brand, always thinking about the optimal well-being of sportsmen and athletes, has designed an extraordinary product of the highest quality, with unique properties on the market, which will offer you the results you expect with a much higher effectiveness, since it is made from the purest whey protein, which you will not find in another supplement, it is based on a whey isolate (WPI), through a microfiltration process that separates fat and lactose from whey leaving a fat content of only 1%, giving as a result a ultra-pure product that brings a lot of benefits to your body, making it healthier and ensuring you build healthy muscles, encouraging their growth almost without fat content, which offers you the possibility of obtaining your sports goals much more effectively.

    What is F1 ISO Ultrapure from SFY Nutrition?

    • Helps muscle growth.
    • Has a high percentage of proteins.
    • Contains beneficial agents for skin and muscle tissue.
    • Has 100% natural ingredients.
    • Provides an important nutrient content.
    • Promotes muscle gain to a greater extent.
    • Ideal for sportsmen and athletes.

    Ingredients and format of F1 ISO Ultrapure from SFY Nutrition

    This incredible supplement comes in a powder presentation, easily dissolved in liquids with a powerful ultra-pure whey composition, which allows the absorption of its ingredients more effectively, thus guaranteeing that its benefits reach the highest effectiveness possible.

    Content per 50 g (these values ​​may vary according to flavor):
    • Contains an energy value of 197 Kcal.
    • Has < 0.05 grams of fat, of which < 0.1 grams are saturated fats, 0.1 grams are monounsaturated and 0.1 grams are polyunsaturated.
    • Has < 0.5 g of carbohydrates, of which < 0.5 g are sugars.
    • Contains < 0.5 g of food fiber.
    • Provides 49 g of protein.
    • Has 0.10 g of salt.

    What is the purpose of taking F1 ISO Ultrapure from SFY Nutrition?

    It is an extraordinary supplement with important benefits for the health of the muscles and helps you gain lean muscle mass, providing you with incredible results. It is made from the purest high-quality whey, which greatly enhances its benefits for the contribution of natural proteins that in turn strengthen the muscle mass when training, contains essential amino acids that are absorbed more quickly, very important for the health of the muscles, accelerate muscle resistance at the time of exercising, thus helping you achieve your sports goals with much more efficiency.

    F1 ISO Ultrapure from SFY Nutrition is ideal for sportsmen and athletes who want greater well-being that in turn provides the maximum scope of their goals, is perfect for bodybuilders and weightlifters who need to gain muscle mass more efficiently and naturally, is the first-hand supplement for anyone who wants a fat-free muscle development. Buy this great product from SFY Nutrition and enjoy its great benefits.

    How to take F1 ISO Ultrapure from SFY Nutrition?

    • Mix 50 g of product with 300 ml of water.
    • Take on an empty stomach at breakfast and especially after training.
    • Take 2 times a day.
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