Powdered Cocoa from Servivita contains half a kilo of the purest and best quality cocoa available on the market today. In addition, this product differs from other options as popular as neskuit or calacao, because it has been defatted, so you would not have to worry about calories, carbohydrates and fats if you are a chocolate lover.

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    Powdered Cocoa from Servivita, low in kilocalories.

    Powdered Cocoa from Servivita contains half a kilo of these seeds processed and stored as powder in each container. Thanks to this product, people who are in diet or those intolerant to gluten, can continue to enjoy a rich drink and other recipes with the incomparable flavor of chocolate. To give you an idea of this, for every 10 grams of this product, you would only be consuming 4 calories.

    In addition to all the beneficial properties cocoa has, this product is much more special than that, since Servivita has decided to raise the bet by offering a cocoa that has been defatted, so that the concentrations of fats and sugars that are available on it, are ridiculous compared to similar products made by other brands. It is important to note that despite the lack of components that enhance the flavor of cocoa due to the defatting, it has been tried not to lose quality in taste, by including natural sweeteners such as erythritol. The good thing about this sweetener is that it is not caloric, it is only partially absorbed by the organism and does not cause the increase of blood glucose levels.

    Facts of Powdered Cocoa from Servivita

    • The cocoa has been totally defatted.
    • Do not forget the rich taste of cacao.
    • Low in kilocalories.
    • It has sweeteners.
    • Cocoa is rich in antioxidants.
    • Able to make your brain release serotonins; Responsible for the sensation of generalized happiness.
    • High in vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals.
    • An important source of fiber.

    What characterizes Servivita as a company that manufactures sauces with great prestige, is that it focuses on that all its products are free of calories. Which they have known to carry out with this product. Plus, they guarantee that its products are low not only in calories, but also in fats, carbohydrates and gluten-free; Which is of special interest to celiacs. In addition, if you want to lose weight, then you can not pass all the products that Servivita has to offer, so that you can count on rich sauces and other products, such as this excellent powdered cocoa, without affecting your diet to lose weight.

    Recommended use: to enjoy this rich powdered cocoa and all the beneficial properties that can offer you, we recommend that you dissolve it in milk and take advantage to drink it as a chocolate drink free of sugars and fats; Be it milk with chocolate, hot cocea, coffee with chocolate or cocoa. You can also use it for cake mixes and other pastry recipes.

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