ServiVita is the brand that distributes a complete line of delicious dressings for foods that do not add calories or fat. These salty and sweet sauces, in traditional flavors, help to lose weight and take care of your silhouette, are ideal for athletes and for people who want to take care of their health.


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ServiVita sauces provide less than 1 calorie per serving. They contain no fats, carbohydrates, sugars or gluten and are suitable for diabetics, celiacs and vegetarians.

This brand of calorie-free dressings and sauces offers several alternatives when it comes to complementing the foods from a diet, offering the possibility of eating healthy and tasty, enjoying the traditional flavors preferred by everyone, made with high quality raw materials.

All ServiVita products are produced with premium ingredients such as ground fresh spices, aged vinegars and healthy sweeteners, which has allowed us to develop calorie and fat free sauces with incredible flavors.

Fans of ketchup sauce can enjoy a calorie, fat, carb and sugar-free version, ideal for a diet, as well as other equally delicious sauces, such as Basil Tomato Sauce, to dress a pasta dish; a garlic and herb sauce, the Garlic Herbs Salsa and the classic Caesar Sauce, Barbecue Sauce and Thousand Island with the traditional flavors of choice.

Caesar Sauce is the perfect dressing for vegetables and with it you can dress salads and other healthy dishes. Barbecue Sauce is the companion that cannot be absent in healthy foods cooked on the grill. The traditional Thousand Island Salsa allows you to enjoy a different and exotic dressing, very tasty and satiating.

The line of Zero Sauces in sweet tastes includes the exquisite syrups Chocolate Sauce and Strawberry Sauce, to accompany diet desserts, sweet foods or healthy smoothies.

ServiVita Helps to carry out a successful diet. Sauces are generally banned on a weight-loss diet, and they are the fundamental ingredient that gives flavor and allows you to enjoy meals, so being able to consume a dish with a tasty dressing helps to quench your appetite, avoids eating foods rich in carbohydrates and fats and leave the diet.

Sweet sauces are ideal for those who follow a diet to lose weight, but are also perfect for diabetics, as they do not alter blood glucose levels. All people who can not consume fats, sugars or gluten can gain great benefits in their diet and in their quality of life, being able to enjoy many foods that were previously forbidden to them.